Minion Sandwiches & #FunFoodFriday

Welcome to Fun Food Friday #14! Have you been making any fun food recently?  Whether it be lovely lunches, creative cakes, or a recipe you’ve blogged, please link up at the end of this post and share the inspiration around.

Today’s fun food is a special sandwich, actually two sandwiches, that I made for a minion mad little boy this week.  I must admit that I have yet to see Despicable Me (I gather that there’s a Despicable Me 2 too!) but despite that I thought it would be fun to attempt something minion themed for lunch when Small Child’s friend arrived for a play date complete with his favourite minion toy.  I called upon some of my bento blogging friends for help, and found inspiration in these awesome minion sandwiches by Glory of Glory’s Mischief and Cristi of Bent On Better Lunches (click on the links to see their brilliant minion creations!).

I was inspired by elements of both sandwiches, and, armed with what I could find in the cupboard and fridge, and after a quick google of minion images, I was ready to attempt my own versions for the two boys.  The photos are rather rough and ready, owing to the gas man turning up half way through my sandwich making efforts to service the boiler.  I felt a bit embarrassed taking photos of sandwiches at one end of the kitchen while he was pottering around at the other end, as I suddenly realised that most normal people probably don’t photograph their every move in the kitchen!

Eats Amazing - Simple Minion Sandwiches for Lunch (500x375)The sandwiches were very easy to put together.  To make the first one I put two slices of bread together and cut the sides off.  Using the largest circle cutter I could find (a plate or bowl would also work as a template to cut around), I rounded the top of the sandwich.  I filled the sandwich with ham, then cut a strip off a blackcurrant yoyo (dried fruit roll-up) and wrapped it around the sandwich.  I cut a babybel cheese in half (leaving the wax on), and added it to the sandwich as an eye.  I then used mini bento cutters to cut a tiny circle from the yoyo for the eyeball, and a crescent shape from a slice of cheddar cheese for the mouth.  I finished the minion off with some hair, also cut from the fruit yoyo.

Eats Amazing - Simple Minion Sandwich

I then repeated the process for the second minion sandwich, adding two eyes to this one and giving him a different hair style.

Eats Amazing - Simple Minion Sandwich with Babybel Eyes (500x375)

I presented the sandwiches to the boys, hoping that I’d got them right and that they would recognise what they were supposed to be.  I was delighted to hear them yell “minions!” and excitedly choose which one they each wanted.  Thankfully they didn’t both want the same one, so I had a moment of peace whilst they munched up their minions!

Eats Amazing - Easy Minion Sandwich with Babybel Eye (500x375)

Some of the Bento Bloggers and Friends were kind enough to send me their minion links for a bit of extra inspiration.  My sandwiches look positively boring next to all their amazing creations, they are all so talented! You can click on the links below to see them:

Sweetcorn Minions Bento from Rebecca at Bentos on the Bayou

Banana Minions Lunch from Beau at Lunchbox Dad

Minions Onigri Bento from Ariani at Bebento – Kids

Despicable Me Lunch from Michelle at Creative Food

Despicable Me 2 Lunch from Karen at What’s In Our Lunch Bags

Minions Lunch from Rachel at Bentos for A Gaggle of Girls

Now it’s your turn, what fun food have you been making recently?  Please link up your foodie posts below and share the inspiration around.   Do feel free to link up Instagram, Facebook or Twitter pictures if you don’t have a blog of your own. Anything goes, as long as it’s edible!

A few quick reminders before you link up; please visit some of the other blogs that have linked up and leave them a comment – we all love comments! If you are linking up from your blog, please grab the button below too, and put it either in your blog post or somewhere on your blog. Both old and new posts are very welcome, and do feel free to link up several posts if you’d like.

Eats Amazing Fun Food Friday

Thank you in advance for linking up, I hope you find some fun inspiration!



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