Tutorial: Cheese and Carrot ‘Coins’

I though I’d share with you how I made the cheese and carrot ‘coins’ that I used in the last lunch I posted.  They are very easy to make, and not too time consuming either.

All you need to make them is the following;

  • A large carrot, washed and peeled
  • A block of cheese
  • A mini cookie cutter in a shape of your choice (I used a bear)
  • A sharp knife

Cut the carrot into rounds, and cut a slice of cheese with a similar thickness to the carrot rounds.  From each carrot round, cut a shape using your mini cutter.

From the slice of cheese, cut a shape using the same cutter.

Slide the cheese shape into the carrot round

Repeat until you have as many ‘coins’ as you need.

You could cook the carrot before you use it, but we preferred them raw. You could also apply this technique to other vegetables, maybe cucumber rounds? Feel free to make any suggestions!



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I’m a UK based full time mum to two lovely boys; an energetic 6 year old and a 1 year old, who keep me on my toes! I love being as creative as I can with healthy food, and set up ‘Eats Amazing’ with the aim of sharing ideas and inspiration for children’s lunch boxes and other fun foods.
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  1. Diana says:

    AMAZING tutorial! I have to try this! Thanks for linking up to PIN MEme! I’ve pinned & tweeted this! I’m also following you via Pinterest & FB now!

    Diana Rambles
    Bento Blog Network
    Link Rink

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