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How to make a Moon and Me Themed Bento Lunch with Colly Wobble sandwich fruit Lily Plant and cheese moon - fun pcked lunch idea for kids
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Moon and Me Themed Packed Lunch

Moon and Me Themed Bento Lunch with Colly Wobble Sandwich and fruit Lily Plant. Why not have a go at making this fun TV show themed lunch with your kids!
Prep Time20 mins
Total Time20 mins
Course: Lunch Box
Cuisine: British
Servings: 1 person
Author: Grace Hall


For the Colly Wobble sandwich:

  • 2 slices white bread
  • 1 slice ham
  • ¼ cucumber
  • 3 slices carrot
  • 2 cereal hoops
  • butter or spread

For the vegetable stars:

  • cucumber
  • ¼ yellow pepper
  • 4 slices carrot

For the fruit Lily Plant:

  • 1 kiwi fruit
  • 1 large strawberry
  • 1 slice cantaloupe melon

For the cheese moon:

  • 1 thick slice Gouda cheese


To make the Colly Wobble sandwich:

  • Use a round cookie cutter to cut a circle from each piece of bread and the ham. Try to cut the circles as close to the edges as possible so that you have plenty of extra bread and ham left.
  • Cut 6 triangles from the remaining bread, and one triangle from the ham. Cut a small circle from the remaining ham for the nose.
  • Cut 3 large slices of skin from the side of the cucumber. Using one of the bread triangles as a guide, cut two triangles from the cucumber skin.
  • Using a small circle cutter, cut a crescent moon shape from the remaining cucumber skin for the mouth. Cut two tiny circles for the eyes.
  • Cut 3 small circles from the carrot slices.
  • Assemble your sandwich - spread the two circles of bread with butter or spread and sandwich together with the circle of ham. Sandwich the bread triangles together in pairs.
  • Top one of the bread triangles with the ham triangle, and the other two with the cucumber triangles.
  • Arrange the sandwich in the bento box to form Colly Wobble's head, with the ham triangle on the top and two cucumber triangles on the sides.
  • Pop a carrot circle at the top end of each triangle.
  • Add the ham nose and cucumber crescent mouth. Add two cereal hoops for the eyes, finishing by popping a tiny cucumber circle in the middle of each cereal hoop.

To make the vegetable stars:

  • Cut star shapes from the yellow pepper, carrot and remaining cucumber and pop in one of the side compartments.

To make the fruit Lily Plant:

  • Peel a kiwi fruit and cut into triangles. Place in the second side compartment.
  • Place a strawberry leaf-side down on a chopping board. Slice four of five 'petals' from the sides, being careful to leave them attached at the bottom. Peal the petals away and slice off the top of the middle piece.
  • Using a mini cutter, cut a flower shape from the slice of cantaloupe melon.
  • Arrange the strawberry on top of the kiwi triangle leaves, then pop the melon flower in the middle to finish the the fruit Lily Plant.

To make the cheese moon:

  • Use a mini round cutter to cut circles from a thick slice of Gouda cheese. Pile them on top of each other in the smallest bento box compartment to from a cheese moon.