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Minion Sandwiches Tutorial and Minion Bento Lunch - Healthy fun food for kids from Eats Amazing UK - with video tutorial
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Minion Sandwich Tutorial

Minion Sandwiches Tutorial and Minion Bento Lunch - Healthy fun food for kids.
Prep Time10 mins
Cook Time0 mins
Total Time10 mins
Course: Breakfast, Lunch, Snack
Cuisine: British
Servings: 2 people
Author: Grace Hall


  • 1 sandwich
  • 1 dried fruit strip (I use a Bear yoyo)
  • cheddar or other hard cheese
  • Equipment
  • small sharp knife
  • kitchen scissors (optional)
  • small circle cutters (see picture above for sizing)


  • Make your basic sandwich. I used an English Muffin for this tutorial, which I split and filled with butter and a slice of roast beef. To keep it neat I cut the roast beef into a perfect circle using one of my nesting circle cutters before placing it in the sandwich.
  • Unroll your fruit strip, then cut off a piece big enough to wrap around the top half of your sandwich.  Tuck the ends inside the sandwich to keep it in place.
  • Cut off a small block of cheese the same size as your circle cutter. Trim it down to a thick slice, then cut it into a circle using the cutter.
  • Wrap another piece of fruit strip around the edge of the cheese circle and trim it so that it overlaps slightly.  Push the two ends of fruit strip firmly together so that they stick.  You may need to take it off the cheese to do this, then pop it back round the cheese once it's firmly stuck together, forming a ring.
  • Lay the cheese circle on top of the sandwich so that it is in the middle of the first fruit strip, forming an eye.
  • Use the circle cutter to cut out a mouth shape and a tiny circle cutter to cut out the pupil from the leftover fruit strip.  With the tip of the sharp knife, cut a couple of zig-zag pieces for the hair, and place them all on the sandwich to complete your minion.