How to make love bug sandwiches fun food tutorial with step by step photos - cute kids food for Valentines Day from Eats Amazing UK
Love Bug Sandwiches
Prep Time
5 mins

These fun and easy Love Bug sandwiches are perfect for a Valentine's theme lunch box, fun Valentine's meal or party food for kids!

Course: Lunch, Party Food
Cuisine: British, Valentines Day
Servings: 1 sandwich
Author: Grace Hall
  • 2 pieces wholemeal bread
  • butter or spread
  • 1 slice of ham or sandwich filling of your choice
  • 1 slice cheese
  • 2 edible candy eyeballs
  1. Start by cutting two circles from the bread, using your largest round cookie cutter that will fit on the bread slice. Spread with butter or spread.
  2. If using ham or a similar filling, cut a round slice to go in the sandwich. Cutting the pieces separately like this before assembling the sandwich will make the whole thing much neater with cleaner edges.
  3. Put the pieces together to form a round sandwich, then place to one side.
  4. Using the same cookie cutter that you used for the sandwich, cut a circle from the cheese.
  5. Using a smaller cookie cutter, cut out a piece of the circle for the head. Cut a tall, thin slice from the circle to divide it into two 'wings'.

  6. Using a mini bento cutter, cut heart shaped 'spots' into the wings, as symmetrical as possible. Carefully lift the cheese and place on top of the sandwich.

  7. Finish your love bug off with two candy eyeballs. You can 'glue' these on with cream cheese and mayo if wanted to keep them in place.
  8. Pop in a lunch box or serve immediately.