Apple Bugs - Healthy and fun food for kids from Eats Amazing UK - with full instructions and video tutorial
Fun and Healthy Apple Bugs Snack Tutorial

Apple Bugs - Healthy and fun food for kids.

Author: Grace
  • an apple or two
  • an apple corer
  • a paring knife
  • some orange or lemon juice
  • a tiny circle cutter
  • a handful of dark chocolate chips (optional)
  • a few grapes
  1. Start by coring your apples, then slice an apple in half.  Brush the cut sides of the apple with your orange or lemon juice to help prevent the apple from browning.
  2. Lay your apple halves cut-side down on a chopping board.  With your knife, score a long, thin triangle into one of the apple halves.  Use the tip of your knife to remove the skin, then trim the apple flesh to tidy it up if necessary.
  3. Push the mini circle cutter into the skin to make the spots.  Pop the circles of skin out of the apple with the tip of the knife, and put them to one side to decorate another bug later.
  4. You can leave the spots as they are, or decorate with dark chocolate chips - just push them into the holes with the flat side out, they should stay put.
  5. Next, take one of your grapes to make the head.  If you're in a rush, you can leave it plain, but they do look extra cute with antennae!
  6. To make the antennae, take a piece of leftover skin and trim it down to a small slice.  Cut most of the flesh from the skin and cut the piece in half to make two antennae. With the tip of the knife, cut two slits in the grape, then push them into the slits so that they are held in place.
  7. Pop the head into the gap left by the corer to complete your bug.
  8. As you can see from my photos, I made a few variations on the bugs.  I made a green version in the same way as the red ladybird, but instead of the chocolate chips, I used the small circles of skin that I set aside from the red apple to decorate it. I also made a more simple version for those who don't have a mini circle cutter - just slashing the sides and removing strips of the skin to make a striped bug.
  9. Serve the bugs up on a plate of raisins, it makes fun edible 'dirt'!