Easter Food Idea: Bunny Rabbit Easter Salad

In today’s post I’m sharing a really fun Easter food idea – a super cute bunny rabbit Easter salad! Read on to find out how we went about creating this fun and healthy rabbit themed egg salad!

Bunny Rabbit Easter Salad from Eats Amazing UK - Fun Easter food idea with simple boiled egg rabbits

I recently spotted a competition on the Tots 100 website to design a ‘Foodimal’ (an animal made from food), and I couldn’t wait to give it a try.  Fun food is what the Eats Amazing blog is all about, so this is right up our street!  The competition is in celebration of the release of ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2‘ on Blu-Ray and DVD, and the prize is a Sony home cinema system worth £500 – eeep! Whilst it would be amazing to win a prize like that, we are entering the competition mainly for the fun of it – any excuse to have fun with our food!

Update: We won the competition! On reflection though, I decided that we really didn’t need the ginormous TV (much to Mr Amazing’s dismay!) so we donated it to a local charity Naomi House.  I hope that it brings a little joy to some very poorly children.

I sat down with Small Child and asked him what he thought we should make.  He really wanted me to make one of my egg rabbits, which I have made to go in his fun bento lunches before, but the competition stated that the entry had to be a meal, so we decided that we would make a whole pile of egg rabbits, and use them in a salad for the whole family to enjoy.  We planned how we were going to go about it, gathered our supplies, and got to work!

Eats Amazing - Making a rabbity egg salad - supplies

I first hard boiled the eggs, then prepared some vegetables for Small Child to cut into flowers.  We used stripey beetroot, purple carrot, orange carrot and cucumber.  Small Child used some of our mini bento cutters to make a variety of flowers.

Eats Amazing - Small Child cuts out vegetable flowers for our salad

In the meantime I peeled the eggs (after cooling them in cold water), and turned them all into rabbits, with the aid of a sharp knife, edible marker pens (for the eyes) and some tiny pieces of beetroot (for the noses).  For full instructions for making these cute egg rabbits, see my boiled egg bunny rabbit tutorial.

Eats Amazing - a rabbity egg salad with raw vegetable flowers

Once all the rabbits were made, and the flowers cut out, Small Child arranged the salad leaves on a large platter.  He started with a base of plain lettuce leaves, then added some rocket, watercress and baby leaf spinach.

Eats Amazing - a lovely rabbity salad - perfect for Easter

I popped the rabbits onto the platter, then he added the vegetable flowers that he had cut out.  We also (rather mischieviously) added some blueberries to finished the salad off.  He was very proud of our joint efforts!

Eats Amazing - Small Child with our rabbity salad creation

The rabbits looked very happy, hobnobbing among the salad leaves, with carrot flowers to nibble on – it seemed a shame to eat them!

Eats Amazing - bunny rabbit salad for lunch

So here, without further ado, is our entry into the Tots100 #Cloudy2Competition!

Eats Amazing - Foodimal competition entry - Leafy with a Chance of Rebbits

‘Leafy with a chance of Rebbits!’



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    fantastic bunnies. We will be remembering that for making our boiled eggs interesting in future! I love the stripey beetroot – will look out for that as I’ve never seen it before – it is so pretty. x


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