Thomas the Tank Engine Book Bento Lunch

Another book bento lunch today in celebration of World Book Day.  Today we are celebrating the ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ books, of which we have many!  As with my other posts this week, I am hosting a linky party at the end of this post,  so check out the links for more book related fun, and of course please add links to any blog posts you may have on today’s theme.  This could be a food or a craft post, as long as it is related to the theme in some way.

In this lunch Small Child had a ‘Thomas’ English Muffin, split and filled with ham and cheddar cheese.  I used a mini bento cutter to cut circles for the eyes from the top half of the muffin, and used a larger circle cutter to cut Thomas’s mouth.  I then added cheddar cheese cut to the same size to the eye holes.  I painted on features with a little black food colouring, and added an extra piece of muffin painted black for his funnel.  It was a bit of a gamble, because drawing is not my strong point, but I hope it looks like Thomas! On the side he had some plain popcorn (smoke/steam) topped with carrot letters spelling out ‘PEEP’. He also had some carrot ‘wheels’.


For dessert he had an apple, cut into thin wedges, dipped in lemon juice and arranged to look like a train track, with strips of fruit string to complete the effect.  He also had some blueberries (coal) topped with a train pick, and a dried strawberry fruit bar cut into Sir Topham Hat’s Top Hat.  I wasn’t 100% convinced by my ‘train track’ but Small Child recognised what it was supposed to be, which is the important thing!

Eats Amazing - Thomas the Tank Engine Themed Lunch - Dessert

I also added a frozen organic strawberry yoghurt tube to his lunch bag (not shown). Grace

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6 Responses to Thomas the Tank Engine Book Bento Lunch

  1. Kathy says:

    From your popcorn steam to your blueberry coal – such a creative lunch!

  2. Both lunches are adorable! I love your train track idea!

  3. I love this Thomas lunch! I showed my 3 year old Thomas fan and he is very impressed. And I think the apple train track is fantastic. Great work, Grace!

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