Munchkin Bento Mealtime Set Review & Giveaway

Good morning, and welcome to another day of the Eats Amazing Back to School 2014 Giveaway Bonanza! Over the course of this week I am helping you to prepare for the new school year in style with several reviews and some fantastic giveaways (10 prizes in all!) of some of my favourite lunch-making supplies.  Today I am reviewing the lovely Bento Mealtime Set by Munchkin.  Munchkin UK are also very kindly providing today’s giveaway prize of a Bento Mealtime Set for not one, but two lucky readers, so be sure to read on to find out how you can enter for a chance to win one of your own!

Eats Amazing UK - Back to School 2014 massive Giveaway Bonanza - 6 days - 10 prizes - fantastic bento lunch gear to be won - enter here

The Munchkin Bento Mealtime Set is officially designed for toddlers, and I can see that it certainly fits the bill there, but having seen several other bloggers pack their children’s lunches in it I wanted to give it a try for Small Child’s lunches, because it looked like it would be big enough to hold enough food for an older child too.  When it arrived, I was pleased to see that I had judged correctly – whilst it is fairly compact, it does still have plenty of room for a decent amount of food.

Eats Amazing UK - Munchkin Click Lock Bento Mealtime Lunch Box Set Review and Giveaway - click here to enter

My first impression of the set was of a fairly plain, straightforward divided lunch box.  Once I opened it up, I was impressed with the quality of it.  There has clearly been a lot of thought gone into the design, with great attention to detail.  The box is chunky and sturdy, with lovely rounded edges.  The two clips that hold it shut are a decent size, and 6 year old Small Child found it easy to open (if a little stiff at first – younger children might have a little trouble with it to start with).  Inside, the box has one main compartment, and two smaller ones, all of which are lidded.

On closer inspection, the smaller compartments turned out to be removable containers, which means that the lunch box can be used without them, giving you two sections with room for a little more food if you need it.  The two smaller plastic lids are labelled ‘veggies’ and ‘fruits’ and are subtly engraved with cute designs.  They are easy to remove, and the lids clip firmly on, sealing the containers.

I’m not sure I would put anything too wet in the main compartment, as the inner lid seems to be more of a cover to prevent food from moving around too much than a leakproof lid,  but the smaller containers appear to be leakproof.  I couldn’t find any official information from Munchkin claiming that they are leakproof, but I ran a (very scientific!) experiment, where I put yoghurt in one of the pots, popped it back in the lunch box and gave it a good shake, and it didn’t leak at all, so I would be happy to pack yoghurt or juicy fruits in them.

Inside the main lid of the box is a matching plastic cutlery set (spoon and fork) that easily clips on and off, although again, a younger child might need to practice that bit! The spoon and fork are a little more flexible than they initially appeared, but perfectly adequate for a child’s lunch.  There is a spoon and fork shape etched into the inside of the lid too, which would be helpful for a child when the time comes to put them away after lunch! I like the fact that the inner lids keep food away from the cutlery, so they are still clean when you come to eat.

Eats Amazing UK - Munchkin Bento Mealtime Lunch Box Set Review and Giveaway - click here to enterOnce I’d had a good look at the box, it was time to make a lunch in it! Despite it being the middle of the summer holidays, Small Child was delighted to have the chance to try ‘his’ new lunch box (he lays instant claim to any new lunch boxes that enter the house!).  He was particularly taken with the brand name, having watched the Wizard of Oz recently! I took inspiration from the Munchkin logo, and gave it a heart theme.

In this lunch, Small Child had a pizza quesadilla (a tortilla wrap spread with a little tomato puree, sprinkled with grated cheese and chopped ham before being folded in half and cooked in a dry frying pan until toasty), which I cut into hearts using our heart shaped sandwich cutter.  On the side he had a few Organix Tomato Noughts & Crosses (I thought they looked like kisses!), cucumber slices (under the carrots), raw carrot hearts (cut into shape using a mini bento cutter and decorated with a rabbit pick), sliced strawberries and blueberries, with heart picks and an M alphabet pick (for Munchkin), and finally some red grapes, in a heart shaped silicone cup, topped with a mini heart fork pick.

Eats Amazing - Heart themed lunch in the Munchkin Clock Lock Bento Mealtime Set plus review and giveaway

As you can see above, the mini compartments were pretty full, but there was still room in the main compartment for more food if necessary.  Having packed a meal in the box now, I’d say that whilst the smaller compartments initially looked a bit too small for my liking, once I packed food in them I found they were deeper than I expected, and so held quite a lot.  The main compartment was also bigger than I expected, it has plenty of room to hold the main ‘course’ of a meal.

Overall, I was really impressed with this lunch box.  The only negative I can find is that it is a little bit fiddly, with the separate lidded compartments – you have to take them out of the box to get the lids off them, so there is the potential for losing them in a busy lunch hall, but that is a minor thing really.  The quality of the box is good, and with its rounded corners and smooth plastic it’s a very nice box to handle.  I was particularly impressed with the seemingly leakproof containers, and the fact that the main compartment has an inner lid too, which could potentially be used as a little plate at lunch time. I think this box has been really well thought out, and I will definitely be using it for some of Small Child’s lunches in September!

The Bento Mealtime Set is BPA free, dishwasher safe, microwave safe and freezer safe, comes in three colours – green, pink and blue, and and is available to buy online from Amazon UK.  If you’d like the chance to win a Bento Mealtime set for yourself, read on, because Munchkin UK are have agreed to give away a set each to two lucky Eats Amazing readers!

Eats Amazing UK - Back to School Giveaway - Munchkin Bento Mealtime Set - click here for two chances to win

To enter, please use the rafflecopter below, and don’t forget to leave your comment on the blog post. Be sure to come back to the blog tomorrow to see what I have for you in my next fantastic giveaway!
Good luck!

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Disclaimer; I received a free Munchkin Bento Mealtime Set for the purposes of carrying out this review, however all opinions expressed in this post are my own.  I have no affiliation to Munchkin UK, and was not otherwise compensated for this review.  Munchkin UK also very generously provided the giveaway prizes.
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129 Responses to Munchkin Bento Mealtime Set Review & Giveaway

  1. Petit Mom says:

    For my son who starts school in September :) can’t wait!

  2. Tracey Peach says:

    For my friends girl. When we go out for the day the only food you can find is junk food so I would love to pack a healthy lunch for her

  3. Janine says:

    I would pack for my lg for her nursery lunch.

  4. My son G, he starts pre school in September and will be staying for the lunch club :)

  5. Lauren (@laurenbigeejit) says:

    My little niece, who loves her packed lunches!

  6. Tracy Nixon says:

    My youngest daughter – she loves to stay for packed lunch- my other three would do anything to come home for lunch each day!

  7. Sarah says:

    My 18 Month old son, I work full time and make him up a packed bento style lunch every week day as my hubby is not a natural in the kitchen!

  8. La Sheonda S says:

    Can’t wait to do this with my girls.

  9. kim neville says:

    My little boy for his school lunch

  10. catherine S says:

    My baby girl, she loves a medley of snacks :)

  11. Soph says:

    This looks a good size for two different dips and lots of crudités for me and the youngest to share on days out

  12. ERFmama says:

    My eldest who is 10 and my middle person who is 3,5. 😀
    But it looks really nice to keep in the backpack for the park and so as well!

  13. Clare says:

    Ooooh this is a fantastic idea and perfect for a fussy eater who stars Pre-School in September who needs distracting from her food. This beauty with the compartments and knife and fork will be perfecto!! xx

  14. Tabetha Howell says:

    My little girl would love a lunch box lime this when she needs packed lunches at school.

  15. my youngest who is at nursery and takes packed lunches

  16. Dee Dee Holman says:

    I would use this for my little girl who hates sandwiches and grazes all day long.

  17. Wendy Finn says:

    Well I’m going to say that I’d use this for my daughter, who’ll be going into year 4 in September. But I rather like the look of it myself :)

  18. Lisa Tolliday says:

    I love making creative packed lunches for my very allergic children.

  19. Isabel O'Brien says:

    My baby niece, she’s so much fun. :)

  20. Gina M says:

    My husband because no matter how much I go on at him (…nag!) he never takes a decent lunch to work with him!

  21. Wendy Murray says:

    For my little boy who can’t wait to take packed lunches to school!

  22. olivia kirby says:

    My little boy, Flynn, for preschool

  23. Caroline Debono says:

    For my littlest with allergies :-)

  24. Emma Ellison says:

    My daughter who will be staying a full day at pre-school in September x

  25. Debbie says:

    Oh! I can’t choose. Seren has to have packed lunches, but Tom & Seb love their packed lunches too!

  26. Natalie Crossan says:

    My little girl bridie :)

  27. i’d use this one for my little girl and pack a lunch for her (rebecca beesley on rafflecopter)

  28. Tabby Hampshire says:

    Love this! Fruity and falafal are going to be in ours!

  29. Tracy says:

    For my Lil munchkins !

  30. Sally Ann Savo says:

    My sister, since having a baby she’s hardly had time for herself and tends to each anything out of a packet.

  31. Penelope says:

    I would love to pack lunches for my toddler who will be going to Mother’s Day Out twice a week starting next month!

  32. Sandi says:

    I pack lunch for my two kiddos every day.

  33. catherine plant says:

    my little one

  34. winnie says:

    love to make one for hubby :)

  35. Laura says:

    Would love this for my lg for out and about

  36. Victoria says:

    I would love one of these for my 3 year old – she’s not great with picnic food, which is a real pain when we’re all out together, so anything that makes it more exciting for her would be a bonus, and this looks like a great size.

  37. Stephanie Tsang says:

    I’d love to pack a cute bento box lunch for my daughter.

  38. jen morgan says:

    my two little ones

  39. Sharon says:

    My lovely little girl :)

  40. Allan Smith says:

    My niece 😀

  41. Scott says:

    My daughter would love that!

  42. pauline hill says:

    little boy for school (grand child)

  43. jen louise jackson says:

    My son

  44. anne-marie wigley says:

    fab idea for my little grandson

  45. CaroleHeidi says:

    Would be perfect for Arthur because he has quite a small appetite and it would make his tidgy lunches look less sparse!!

  46. Leandra says:

    my gorgeous little boy, Thomas.

  47. Samantha Wheeler says:

    My little girl :-)

  48. Jessie says:

    My daughters, of course! :)

  49. Ashleigh Allan says:

    My daughter!

  50. Ms Suan Watts says:

    my lovely grandson Sam

  51. Lorraine Tinsley says:

    My daughter Isabella

  52. Anne Ling says:

    Ohh, love at first sight! Want! :)

  53. Helen says:

    My little girl!

  54. Sarina Scholes says:

    Cannot wait to pack lunches for my little girl who starts school in September, it’s going to be a very emotional day!

  55. My hubby, he’s a big kid at heart 😉

  56. laura jayne bates says:

    my 3 daughters

  57. Melissa Overcash says:

    Great container for lunch! How do you keep them cold?

  58. Joy says:

    Me! I’d probably make more of an effort with work lunches with one of these!

  59. Elizabeth Williams says:

    My son.

  60. Elizabeth (Liz) Briggs says:

    For my children :)

  61. Val Swift says:

    my other half, so i know he’s had a proper lunch

  62. clair downham says:

    my son and daughter

  63. Susan Elai Carter says:

    For our Christopher as he would enjoy having his own food box when we’re out and about …would save so much time and hassle.

  64. Tanya Camilleri says:

    My daughter who starts nursery in Sept (sob sob)

  65. Clare Wood says:

    Great to have cutlery!

  66. Ella says:

    For my son going up to first school, he is so excited!

  67. Crystal says:

    We homeschool, but we like to pack a lunch for Daddy now and again.

  68. Kerry Booker says:

    I’d most like to pack lunch for mickey mouse

  69. Tracy Newton says:

    My son starts “big boy nursery” soon. I can’t wait to start making his packed lunches. If I had to choose somebody else I would like to make a packed lunch for the tooth fairy. She must get awfully busy on an evening.

  70. Esther says:

    I think my partner and my daughter would have to take it turns to enjoying their lunches from this!

  71. abigail edkins says:

    My grand daughter lillie pops as a picnic as shes too young for school

  72. Emma T says:

    My son. He usually just gets his food bunged in a box

  73. Christina Brown says:

    My daughter. She’s just started bringing packed lunch to school at the end of last term and she says it makes her feel like a big girl. :-)

  74. Irene GILMOUR says:

    my little girl shes starting school soon

  75. IZZY says:

    my son x

  76. Tarbs Gill says:

    My daughter who will be starting school in September too!

  77. Jenny Clifton says:

    My little boy Tom. He loves little tastes of lots of things so Bento fits the bill. Fingers crossed.

  78. Tammy Tudor says:

    my little sister :)

  79. Jennie Hubbard says:

    Both my little uns who love a good picnic!

  80. Kezz says:

    I’d like to pack a lunch for my 2 and a half year old, for when we’re out and about.

  81. Laura Pyper says:

    my little girl for school :)

  82. katy spence says:

    My year old, he is a food monster and loves a varied pack up!

  83. Holly S says:

    My other half because he works so hard :)

  84. Caroline says:

    I love the inner sections, would be great for my son who starts school tomorrow!

  85. lisa chappell says:

    for my daughter <3

  86. Lorraine Gatton says:

    My ickle munchkins

  87. Jessica Catterall says:

    For my son – back to pre-school soon and hes fed up of having to find his cashew nuts amongst all the other bits of lunch and his cucumber making his crackers soggy!

  88. sarah says:

    Back to school so for my big girl xx

  89. Sam Goodwin says:

    I’d love to make a lunch for Michael Buble, of course I’d have to watch him eat it too.

  90. Louise says:

    I would love to do a bento box for my little man

  91. Kasia says:

    For my boyfriend :3 and me

  92. Laura Asplin says:

    Me! I never have time to do mine!

  93. Rose says:

    I would pack lunch for myself :)

  94. leanne weir says:

    For my son who starts school in September

  95. Felicity Kelly says:

    My son as he is about to start a new school

  96. Solange says:

    My little girl for her school lunch

  97. Gemma Poulding says:

    With my little boy for a nice picnic

  98. Pamela Gossage says:

    My grandson for his school lunch

  99. Diane S says:

    I’d like to pack a lunch for David Tennant, of course he would have to come to my house to pick it up 😉

  100. Diana says:

    My little one :}

  101. I love that I found this blog. My daughter is just now entering the 1st grade and now I need to make her lunch every day. I bought a bunch of bentos so that I can make her lunch and I am excited for the challenge :) So I would be making my lunches for my daughter :)

  102. lindsey bluff says:

    my daughter, she loves her dinner :)

  103. Catherine Culmer says:

    My hubby

  104. Trudi Walsh says:

    My husband for his long day at work

  105. EMMA WALTERS says:

    my 2 boys

  106. Stephanie Whitehouse says:

    for me and hubby to takr a picnic on the beach

  107. Kristy Brown says:

    Who would I most like to pack a lunch for? Well – Hugh Jackman wouldn’t go a miss providing he came back for more 😉

  108. Emily Jayne Phipps says:

    For my son when we go on our little adventures together 😀

  109. Joanna Sawka says:

    My son for his school lunch

  110. RACHAEL JONES says:

    my youngest son …. he has ASD and trying to find new things for him to eat is intresting and challenging !

  111. Leigh Larkin says:

    For my little girl. She’s just started at a new nursery where they need to take a packed lunch and I love thinking of new exciting bits to make her smile :)

  112. Gillian Hutchison says:

    Gerard Butler cos if I am making him lunch, I’d need to meet him and see if hes as lovely in the flesh.

  113. Jane Middleton says:

    my husband for sandwiches

  114. cherie shaw says:

    For both of my son’s :)

  115. Vikki D says:

    For my son, he loves picnics so this would be lovely

  116. Hayley Spencer says:

    my whole family for a picnic :)

  117. Emma says:

    George Clooney!

  118. Laura says:

    These look fab!

  119. Annamarie Riddiford says:

    for my daughter

  120. Terese Anderson says:

    my daughter

  121. Alisa Moore says:

    My mum!

  122. Rachael Kear says:

    Would be great for days out.

  123. claire wilkinson says:

    husband – i wish he would take a packed lunch to work but he doesnt he spends a fortune on his lunch every day so id make him a nice healthy packed lunch in this box!!!

  124. Colette says:

    Erm – David Beckham 😉

  125. Fiona Martin says:

    My 3 yr old little boy.

  126. Kiran Parry says:

    This would be very handy when I go out for the day. There’s room for fruit, crisps, sausage rolls and sandwiches so this would be very useful.

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