Homemade Houmous & Nibbles Bento

I recently made another batch of my favourite roasted carrot houmous, which I always find handy to use in lunches for all the family. Using my favourite ‘dippy’ lunchbox, which has a built in tub for dips, I made up a quick and easy selection of nibbles for Small Child to dip in the houmous.

In this lunchbox Small Child had a tub of roasted carrot houmous, with mini breadsticks, mini crackers (black onion seed & rosemary flavour), carrot sticks, yellow pepper slices, and some German sausage slices rolled and skewered on a couple of cute  panda picks.  I also popped a couple of little silicone ‘barriers’ in to keep the ‘wet’ food from the ‘dry’.

Houmous & Nibbles Bento Lunch

For dessert he had some sliced apple (dipped in lemon juice to keep it from browning) with a little bunny pick, some raisins with a panda pick, some vanilla yoghurt with a frozen strawberry yoghurt flower, and some mini chocolate biscuits left over from Christmas.

Houmous & Nibbles Bento Lunch - Dessert

All was eaten apart from a smidgen of houmous and a couple of raisins!



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