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Good morning, and welcome to another Fun Food Friday! Thank you if you joined me last week, there were some really great posts linked up!  If you’ve been making any fun food recently, whether it be lovely lunches, creative cakes, or a recipe you’ve blogged, please do join in the link up below and share the inspiration around.  I do my best to comment on and tweet every post that’s linked up, and I pin them all to my special Fun Food Friday Pinterest board too.

Today I thought I’d break from the norm and share one of Small Baby’s meals with you for a change.  I must admit that poor Small Baby doesn’t usually get such creative food offerings as his big brother, mainly because he’s not really old enough to appreciate it, but I sometimes use one of my favourite ‘meal at home’ tricks, and serve his meal up in a silicone cupcake tray – in a method known far and wide as a ‘muffin tin meal’  On this particular day, I wanted to use up a large naan bread I had leftover from dinner the night before, so I decided to turn it into mini pizzas.  These make an ideal finger food for little ones, and as someone commented on my Instagram feed when I posted a picture of them the other day, they are perfect if you are following the Baby Led Weaning method too.

To make the mini pizzas, simply cut circles from the naan with a circle cookie cutter, spread each one with a little tomato puree and top with cheese plus toppings of your choice if wanted.  I usually use grated cheddar cheese for these, as I always have a block of cheddar in the fridge, but on this occasion I had some grated mozzarella, so used that instead.  Pop them onto a baking tray and bake for a few minutes under a medium grill until the cheese is melted and starting to bubble. You could also make one big pizza using the whole naan bread if preferred.

Eats Amazing - Make mini pizzas from circles of Naan bread topped with tomato puree and grated cheese

Once our mini pizzas had cooled down, I cut two of them in half and popped them into the silicone tray for Small Baby.  I added slices of ham, in a sheep shaped silicone cup, slices of cucumber, cut with a crinkle cutter to make them easier to pick up, a mini Babybel cheese, wax removed and cheese cut in half, some blueberries (under the cheese) and some halved red and green grapes.

Eats Amazing - Muffin Tin Meal for Small Baby with mini naan bread pizzas

Small Baby really loves his food, and this meal was no exception! He went straight for the grapes (one of his favourite foods) but he ate a good amount of it all, tasting everything that I had given him.  Once he had eaten a good portion and was no longer hungry, he started to get a bit distracted by the silicone tray, turning it upside down to tip the food out onto his high chair tray (he does the same with his plates and bowls!) so I quietly removed it and left him to finish his meal without it.

DSC_0022a (429x600)

Now it’s your turn, what fun food have you been making recently? Please link up your foodie posts below and share the inspiration around. You can also link up Instagram, Facebook or Twitter pictures if you don’t have a blog of your own.

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Eats Amazing Fun Food Friday

Thank you in advance for linking up, I hope you find some fun inspiration!


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    i love those mini naan bread pizzas! I put miss T’s lunch in an icecube tray the other day to see how it would help her eat lunch and she ate strawberries for the first time in ages – i was so pleased! thank you for the ongoing inspiration xxx

    • says

      Thank you! So pleased to hear of your success – and an icecube tray sounds really fun, will have to try that for Small Baby too!

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