Wraps on a Stick Lunch

This was a very quick and easy lunch to put together.  I decided to make the tortilla wrap a little more interesting by cutting it into slices and putting it on mini skewers -after all, everything tastes better on a stick!

In this lunch Small Child had a tortilla wrap, filled with ham, a little light mayonnaise and lettuce, sliced into four and skewered on two mini plastic skewers.  He also had a Babybel cheese, decorated with a flower cut from the wax, some raw red pepper sticks, carrot flowers, and a plum, cut into slices and decorated with a cute little cat pick.

Eats Amazing - Wraps on a stick lunch

For his after school snack, Small Child had a heart shaped silicone cup filled with organic yoghurt, apple slices (dipped in orange juice to keep them from browning), arranged in a row to look like stripes and topped with a cute giraffe pick, and a few red grapes skewered on a sword pick.

Eats Amazing - Stripey apple after school snack

Everything got eaten, so I’m guessing Small Child enjoyed this lunch.



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