World Book Day 2014

A very happy World Book Day to you all! Today’s the day – children up and down the country will be dressed up in all sorts of awesome book related costumes, and hopefully lots of extra stories will be read.  Small Child’s school will be celebrating it next week instead, because of all the flooding mayhem – today is the first day that the school has been open for all of the pupils for nearly a month!

A big thank you to everyone who linked up to yesterday’s dog and cat linky – some lovely posts were added!  This year’s book themed linkies will remain open and accepting new links for a few months, so if you’ve been inspired by any of the book themes, do feel free to come back and add your links to the relevant collection!  You can easily find all of my World Book Day posts and linky parties in one place by clicking on the ‘Eats Amazing Celebrates World Book Day’ button on the right hand side of this page, or by clicking here.

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As with all my posts this week, I am hosting a linky party at the end of this post, so check out the links for more book related fun, and of course please add links to any blog posts you may have on today’s theme.  This could be a food, craft, costume or educational post – anything goes as long as it is related to the theme in some way.

Sadly for me, I woke up this morning feeling iller than an ill thing! My plans of a fairly elaborate book themed lunch were put on hold, and I made a very simple World Book Day themed lunch instead, before shuffling back to bed with an (also poorly) Small Baby for the rest of the morning.  Thankfully a very lovely friend took over the school run for me, for which I am very grateful!  This makes the theme of the day ‘BOOKS’, all of them, so I hope to see lots and lots of book related fun in today’s linky!

In this lunch Small Child had a ham sandwich, cut into a book shape and decorated with alphabet picks and eye picks.  On the side he had some red grapes, a babybel cheese, also decorated with an eye pick, some sliced baby carrots (under the pepper) and some red pepper strips.  I found an amusingly shaped carrot in the bag which was just crying out for an eye pick, so he went in the lunch too!

Eats Amazing - World Book Day lunch 2014

Hopefully Small Child will enjoy his simple World Book Day lunch! Did your children dress up and celebrate World Book Day?

Eats Amazing World Book Day Linkies
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Now it’s your turn! Have you got any book themed blog posts in your archive? Food, crafts, reviews, costumes, play invitations etc. all welcome! Feel free to link up more than one post if you have them, and if you like you can help yourself to the button above and place it in your post. If you have time, please also try to visit other posts in this linky and leave your comments; all bloggers love comments! The only rule I ask you to stick to is that your link is relevant to the theme of the day. You are also welcome to link up Instagram, Facebook or Twitter pictures if you don’t have a blog of your own.



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