Roman Lunch & #FunFoodFriday

Today’s lunch was made after a visit to our local farmers market, and although it’s not immediately obvious, it has a Roman theme. The bread roll is a ‘Roman army cob’, made using spelt flour, which the Romans used to issue to their soldiers as part of their food ration.  Small Child thought that it should be a gladiator, so we added some lions to the lunch for him to fight! We also used purple carrots – another farmers market find and a throwback to Roman times too – apparently carrots that the Romans ate would usually have been purple, not orange as they are today.

In this lunch Small Child had a spelt bread roll, split and filled with ham and lettuce.  I added googly eyes from a playdough set we have, cut a mouth into the top of the roll with a small sharp knife and added cheese ‘teeth’, then added a few sugar snap peas for hair. On the side Small Child had purple carrots, cut into flower shapes using a mini bento cutter, a small sliced apple (dipped in orange juice to prevent browning) and a handful of blueberries.  We added several lion food picks to finish.

Eats Amazing - Roman army spelt roll lunch

I also filled a reusable food pouch with fromage frais and packed it in his lunch bag (not shown).  Small Child loved his Roman lunch!

Now it’s your turn! What fun food have you been making? Post a link to show us below!

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Eats Amazing Fun Food Friday

Thank you in advance for linking up, I hope you find some fun inspiration!



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