Puzzle Sandwich Lunch

Small Child requested a sandwich in his lunchbox, because that was what Daddy was having that day.  I made his sandwiches slightly more interesting than Daddy’s though, by using a puzzle cutter from my bento stash.

In this lunch Small Child had a cheese and marmite sandwich, cut into four pieces using a puzzle cutter.  Because my homemade bread tends to be a little crumbly and sometimes difficult to cut, I used a slightly adapted version this brilliant method by Cristi at Bent On Better Lunches to cut them out.  On the side he had some red pepper rings, raisins and carrot flowers, and a sliced boiled egg, decorated with a couple of cute panda picks.

Eats Amazing -Simple Puzzle Sandwich Lunch in EasyLunchboxes

For his after school snack, I packed some mini pretzels in a heart-shaped silicone cup, and some fresh pineapple chunks and red grapes, with a couple of panda picks to eat them with.

Eats Amazing - Simple Bento Snack Box

It was a glorious day so we spent quite some time at the park after school, which meant that Small Child was very grateful for his snack box.



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