Piggy Yumbox Lunch

After all the excitement of World Book Day here on the blog last week, ‘normal service’ resumes today with this piggy themed lunch in our Yumbox!

This year I set myself the challenge of giving up refined sugar for lent.  It’s proving to be harder than I thought, as once I started checking labels I soon saw that nearly everything seems to have sugar added to it.  I’ve found it quite shocking and certainly eye opening! A particular area which I’ve found quite difficult is breakfast cereals.  Almost all breakfast cereals have added sugar – it’s very difficult to find one without.  We often have porridge for breakfast, but there aren’t many other options, so I made a big batch of our homemade granola as an alternative.  Our recipe does have honey in – I’m allowing honey but trying to keep it as low as possible, so I used half the amount stated in the recipe.  It came out just as delicious as usual, and Small Child asked whether he could have some in his lunch box. Served up with yoghurt, I think it makes a nice alternative to sandwiches!

In this lunch Small Child had raw red pepper strips, organic carrots coins in a piggy shaped silicone cup, rolled ham, skewered on alphabet picks spelling out ‘OINK’, green grapes, topped with a piggy pick, a mini piggy container filled with dried blueberries, organic blueberry yoghurt topped with a few sprinkles, homemade granola topped with a little edible piggy cupcake decoration and a small pile of dark chocolate chips.  Small Child planned to top the yoghurt with the granola before eating it, so I packed a mini bento spoon and fork to help him transfer the granola over.

Eats Amazing - Piggy themed lunch in our Yumbox

This lunch went down very well with Small Child, who enjoyed the variety of foods on offer, and the fact that he had breakfast for lunch!


Items used to make this lunch:

Spoon and Fork Set Thumbnail     Animal Trio Sauce Containers Thumbnail     Alphabet Picks Thumbnail


  1. Victoria says

    We have shredded wheat and oats for breakfast, as Shredded wheat is one of the very few cereals without sugar. The children have the mini ones and add raisins, but they do sometimes bemoan the lack of ‘interesting’ cereal!

    I do sometimes buy a box of the mixed grain Cheerios and let them have them dry in a pot as a snack, but I hate how sweet they are for breakfast time. I am a cruel mother!!

    • says

      Not at all, you’re building them some healthy bodies, certainly not cruel! It is hard sometimes when other children are easting all sorts of rubbish and you have to ‘deny’ them though isn’t it!

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