Lost & Found Themed Book Bento Lunch

This coming Thursday, we celebrate World Book Day here in the UK.  To mark the occasion, I’ve decided to repeat what I did last year and create a of a week of book themed bento lunches for Small Child, based on some of his favourite books.  As well as creating book themed lunches, I’m also hosting a linky party each day on the theme of the book, so check out the links at the end of each post for more book related fun, and of course please add links to any blog posts you may have on the day’s theme.  This could be a food, craft or educational post, as long as it is related to the theme in some way.

The theme for today is penguins, as today’s book is based on ‘Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers, which is one of Small Child’s all time favourite books.  I absolutely love the distinctive artwork of Oliver Jeffers’ children’s books, so we have most of them on our shelf!

Lost and Found Book CoverIn this lunch Small Child had a roast beef sandwich ‘umbrella’, a Babybel cheese boy, a cheddar cheese penguin with carrot features, all floating on a blueberry sea.  On the side he had sliced raw carrot disks, cucumber disks and frozen organic yoghurt penguins (shaped by freezing in a silicone mould).

Book Themed Food - Lost and Found Book Themed Bento Lunch for World Book Day from Eats Amazing UK - Making healthy food fun for kids

Here’s a close up of some of the features.  To make the umbrella sandwich, I cut the bread into a circle using my largest round cookie cutter, then halved it to make a semi-circle.  I then filled the sandwich, and added the plastic handle saved from a Lindt chocolate carrot to turn it into an umbrella, adding lines with a red edible marker pen.  The boy was made by cutting most of the wax from a mini Babybel cheese, leaving a strip for the hat, then adding a small piece of raw yellow pepper and a red polka-dot pick for the hat bobble.  I finished him off by drawing on the features with a black edible marker pen.

I roughly copied the sign from the book onto a piece of paper, then attached two halves of a plastic cocktail stick to the back and covered both sides with clear packing tape, in an attempt to waterproof it.

Eats Amazing - Lost and Found themed lunch with Babybel Boy and cheese penguin

Small Child was over the moon with this lunch, he was a bit down in the dumps about going back to school after three whole weeks off, but I think this cheered him up a bit.  I’m very glad that Small Child’s school has been able to reopen after the recent flooding, but I will really miss having him around so much too.


Eats Amazing World Book Day Linkies
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Now it’s your turn! Have you got any penguin themed blog posts in your archive? Food, crafts, educational posts etc. all welcome!  Feel free to link up more than one post if you have them, and if you like you can help yourself to the button above and place it in your post. If you have time, please also try to visit other posts in this linky and leave your comments; all bloggers love comments! The only rule I ask you to stick to is that your link is relevant to the theme of the day.  You could also link up Instagram, Facebook or Twitter pictures if you don’t have a blog of your own.


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    Ooh, lovely link up. I added our penguin mask post. I got crafty, which is rare for me, as I don’t do crafts, very well, and they turned out quite nicely. :)

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    That has to be the cutest little lunch ever! We’re debating letting Bunny go to packed lunches as she keeps asking and I will certainly be looking to you for inspiration! Have also added last year’s World Book Day link to your linkup as she dressed up as a penguin from And Tango Makes Three.


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