Homemade Pie for Lunch

I was making a family favourite for dinner – tuna empanada pie (using this gorgeous recipe), and I was thinking about how to include it in Small Child’s lunch the next day.  I decided to make an individual pie to go in Small Child’s lunch, so made it up at the same time and baked it in the oven alongside the main pie.   I just put the filling straight into the silicone mould and topped it with a thin sheet of pastry, trimmed with a sharp knife to the shape of the silicone mould.  This made lunch  packing the next morning very easy, and Small Child was delighted to have his very own pie!

In this lunch Small Child had his individual pie (filling of carrot, onion, red pepper, potato, tomato and tuna, along with spices and herbs), some grapes, a few raw red pepper rings, and a Babybel cheese, with a face cut from the wax to decorate.

Eats Amazing - Homemade Pie for Lunch

For his after school snack he had a kiwi fruit and some strawberries, cut into chunks with a fork to eat them with, and some cashew nuts in a star shaped silicone cup.  I’m always a little wary of nuts being a choking hazard, so I made sure that Small Child was sitting down and being extra careful with the nuts when he ate this snack.

Eats Amazing - Fruity After School Snack

He really enjoyed the cashews, and asked to have them again.




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