Hairy Maclary Book Bento Lunch

Continuing with my week of World Book Day lunches, today’s book bento lunch is based on the book Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy by Lynley Dodd.  We have a whole stack of Lynley Dodd books, I love her gorgeous illustrations and the wonderful rhythm her words always have.  I have a real thing about the rhythm of the words in children’s books, it can really make or break a book for me.  If you haven’t read any of Lynley Dodd’s books, go and buy some now! As well as the Hairy Maclary series, I’d highly recommend the Slinky Malinki (cat) books and one of my personal favourites; The Nickle Nackle Tree.

As with all my posts this week, I am hosting a linky party at the end of this post, so check out the links for more book related fun, and of course please add links to any blog posts you may have on today’s theme (dogs and/or cats).  This could be a food, craft or educational post, as long as it is related to the theme in some way.  A big thank you to everyone who linked up to yesterday’s dinosaur linky – some brilliant dinosaur (and underpants!) posts were added, I loved them all!  This year’s book themed linkies will remain open and accepting new links for a few months, so if you’ve been inspired by any of the book themes, do feel free to come back and add your links to the relevant collection!  Do check out my other World Book Day posts and book bento lunches too!

Hairy Maclary Book Cover

I didn’t feel up to making an edible Hairy Maclary, so I used my favourite trick of painting on a quesadilla to get him into the lunch.  Whilst my artwork is as nothing compared to the wonderful skills of Lynley Dodd, I was very pleased with my efforts!  In this lunch was a quesadilla, made with a tortilla wrap and filled with grated cheddar cheese, chopped ham, finely chopped red pepper and chopped tomato.  On the side were some red grapes, topped with my new super cute dog picks to represent some of Hairy Maclary’s furry friends, and some organic natural yoghurt, frozen into bone shapes using a silicone mould.

Book Themed Food - Hairy Maclary Book Themed Bento Lunch for World Book Day from Eats Amazing UK - Making healthy food fun for kids!

Here’s a closer look at my quesadilla ‘art’.  I cooked the quesadilla in a dry frying pan, allowed it to cool down completely then used my trusty edible marker pens to draw on Hairy Maclary.  He’s not perfect, but I think it’s a good attempt for a non artist!

Eats Amazing - Hairy Maclary quesadilla art for World Book Day

The one thing missing from this lunch (as Small Child pointed out) was Scarface Claw, the villainous cat who scares Hairy Maclary and all his doggy friends away.  Despite this omission, I’m adding cats to the theme of the day, so dogs and cats it is!

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Now it’s your turn! Have you got any dog or cat themed blog posts in your archive? Food, crafts, educational posts etc. all welcome! Feel free to link up more than one post if you have them, and if you like you can help yourself to the button above and place it in your post. If you have time, please also try to visit other posts in this linky and leave your comments; all bloggers love comments! The only rule I ask you to stick to is that your link is relevant to the theme of the day. You are also welcome to link up Instagram, Facebook or Twitter pictures if you don’t have a blog of your own.


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    OMG!! This is amazing!! We loved all of the books in the series and read them so often to my kids that we quickly knew them by heart!

    Love love love this!


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