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A while back I was very generously sent a copy of the book ‘Funky Party’ to review. I already own a much loved copy of Funky Lunch, so was delighted to get my hands on the latest book by creative author Mark Northeast. If you haven’t heard of either book, check out the Funky Lunch website to see all his amazing edible creations! I think my very first creative meal was inspired by something from the Funky Lunch book – luckily for me I can’t find the picture – it wasn’t quite up to Funky Lunch standards!

Anyway, back to Funky Party… I couldn’t wait to see what fun party food ideas would be in the book, and I wasn’t disappointed. One of the most striking things about the book is that it has lots of lovely healthy ideas, not something you necessarily expect to see at childrens’ parties. Of course you find the odd platter of carrot sticks put the out in hope by a health conscious parent, but who would have thought that turning them into a carrot version of jenga would make them so much more fun?! A genius idea if ever I saw one, it would work brilliantly with other veg too. The book is full of simple ideas that you can use to transform the most plain food into something altogether different – I’ll never look at a jacket potato the same way again, that’s for sure. Of course there are some lovely creative treats in the book too – a party wouldn’t be a party without a sweet treat or two.

If you have small children or grandchildren in your life, you’ll love Funky Party (and Funky Lunch too). The ideas are quick and easy to carry out, and can be scaled down to make any meal time fun too. Every recipe comes with step by step instructions and clear pictures, showing both the finished food and the steps needed to make them. I tried out the frog sandwiches (see below) and they were really simple to make – I would happily make a whole plate of them for a party. I’m looking forward to trying some of the other ideas in the book too, both for lunch boxes, and for party food, when birthday time rolls around.

The following recipe was taken from the book, and makes 6 sandwiches:

6 slices of brown bread
sandwich filling
ham slices
12 large green grapes

Make up three rounds of sandwiches using the bread and preferred fillings. Cut two circles as large as you can from each sandwich.

Cut a grape in half and using a small knife, poke a hole in the front of each piece and then cut a small raisin in half and push each piece of raisin into the grape hole to make the pupils.

Take two slices of cucumber and cut each piece into a fan shape of three long toes.

Place the cucumber feet on your plate and then rest your round sandwich on top of the feet and put the eyes in place on top.

Finally, cut a long thin strip of ham and tuck one end into the sandwich and either roll the other end up to the mouth or extend the frog’s tongue and place a raisin ‘fly’ on the tip.

Eats Amazing - Frog Sandwiches with Funky Party book reviewAs you can see, I added my own touch by giving the raisin ‘flies’ wings made from sunflower seeds. You could also use slivers of sliced almond for wings, if you don’t have any worries about nut allergies. I also used red grapes instead of green, as that is what I had to hand at the time. After I made them, I transferred the sandwiches to a lunchbox, and added a few extra bits to make a frog themed lunch for Small Child.

In this lunch Small Child had his frog sandwiches, made using wholegrain seeded bread with ham filling. On the side he had cucumber slices, with a notch cut from the side to make them look like lily leaves, red grapes in a silicone cup with frog picks, and a frog silicone cup which had been filled with organic blueberry yoghurt and frozen the night before. Small Child absolutely loved his frog sandwiches!

Eats Amazing - Frog Sandwich lunch with Funky Party book review

If you would like to get your hands on a copy of Funky Party or Funky Lunch, head over to the Funky Lunch website, where you can order personalised and signed copies of both books, posted worldwide. Alternatively, you can also order from Amazon (click on the pictures below for a direct link to each book).

Now it’s your turn! What fun food have you been making? Post a link to show us below!

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Disclaimer; I received a free copy of ‘Funky Party’ for the purposes of carrying out this review, however all opinions expressed in this post are my own. I have no affiliation to Funky Lunch, and was not otherwise compensated for this review.
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    What cool sandwiches! My kids are a bit rubbish with butties atm and just pick them to bits but I’m sure they’d love this!
    Thanks for linking up this week :)


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