English Muffin with Ham & Carrots

I like to try and use the same ingredients in different ways, to help use up leftovers and avoid waste where possible.  Therefore I used another English Muffin in this lunch, this time as a sandwich rather than turned into a pizza.

In his lunchbox Small Child had a toasted English Muffin with ham, some carrot flowers (carrot disks cut with a mini cookie cutter) and a babybel cheese with a heart outline cut from the wax.  I achieved effect this by using mini nesting heart cutters, sticking the smaller heart back onto the cheese after cutting them both out. I also added a cute giraffe pick to the carrots.

For dessert Small child had a banana (cut into two and marked with a small heart cutter; the cut ends dipped in lemon juice to prevent browning), a peeled satsuma turned into a ‘nest’ with a little chocolate egg (determined to get through the last of our Easter chocolate before Christmas arrives once more!), and some mixed dried fruit with a mini dog pick.

I also added a frozen organic yoghurt tube to his lunch bag (not shown).  He sometimes forgets to eat this at lunchtime, but is always happy to have it as a snack on the way home from school.



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