Alphabet Lunch – Letter Q

Today I’m sharing a lunch themed on the letter Q, as a part of my alphabet lunch series. I think this lunch was the most challenging lunch to make out of all of them.  I was completely without any ideas until the last minute, when I saw some leftover tortilla wraps in my kitchen and the word ‘Quesadilla’ popped into my head.  Yes, a food beginning with Q!  Lets just ignore Quinoa, which I didn’t think of until after this lunch had been packed and sent to school, and Quails eggs, which I couldn’t find in town and can’t stand the taste of anyway! The only idea I had before Quesadilla was Queen, so I decided to attempt to draw the Queen’s crown on our Quesadilla – lets just say it came out a little bit wonky – please don’t look directly at it!

Eats Amazing UK - Alphabet Themed Food and Bento School Lunch Ideas for Children

In this lunch Small Child had Quesadillas, filled with cheddar cheese, ham, yellow pepper and a little grated courgette. I attempted to decorate them with crowns drawn on with red and black edible marker pens.  On the side he had strawberries and grapes, topped with Q alphabet picks and crown picks.  I finished the lunch off with pretzel sticks and chocolate mini eggs – the closest I could come to a nest of Quails eggs!

Eats Amazing - Alphabet Themed Kids Bento Lunches - Q is for Queen Quesadilla Quails Eggs

I also packed a reusable food pouch filled with natural yoghurt (not shown).  Small Child is something of a Royalist (frequently to be heard singing ‘God Save the Queen’ among other things to himself as he falls asleep at night!) but he didn’t seem to mind the wonky crown and happily ate all of this lunch!


Items used to make this lunch:

      Princess Picks Thumbnail  Alphabet Picks Thumbnail

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    thank you sooo much for all these inspiring ideas. I’ll be doing Alphabet Lunches when my son starts school next week and bought the alphabet picks from you yesterday :)


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