Alphabet Lunch – Letter P

Today I have another alphabet lunch to share with you – this time it is the turn of the letter P.  After this one, I only have 10 more to go!  Thankfully, this letter was an easy one to make – I thought of so many foods beginning with P that I couldn’t include them all.  The stars of this lunch were the Pig and Panda Pancakes – I used some ready-made Pancakes that I had in the freezer (part of a hamper of Warburtons goodies that I won a while back), Popped them in the toaster to defrost and heat through, then cut them into shape using my CuteZcute Animal Friends cutter kit.  It couldn’t have been easier and I think they looked great!

Eats Amazing UK - Alphabet Themed Food and Bento School Lunch Ideas for Children

In this lunch Small Child had a Pile of Pancakes, cut into Pig and Panda shapes using the CuteZcute Animal Friends cutter kit, a boiled egg Panda, shaped using the CuteZcute Animal Palz set, some spaghetti cheese and a cheese string, topped with a Pirate cupcake ring.  On the side he had some Peas, topped with a carrot Plane and P alphabet Picks, all in a Purple silicone cup, some red Pepper strips, and finally some Pineapple, decorated with a Purple crayon Pick, a Plane Pick and a Penguin Pick. I finished the lunch off with a Pink fork, for Small Child to eat his Peas with.

Eats Amazing - Alphabet Themed Kids Bento Lunches - P is for Panda Pig Pancake Pirate Plane Peas Pepper Pinapple Purple Penguin Pink

Small Child LOVED having pancakes for lunch!  I won’t make a regular habit of it, because they aren’t particularly healthy, but I think they make a fun alternative lunch box food for the occasional treat! I must make a special mention of the plane too – which I made using a new 3D cutter set.  It was really easy to make and definitely the most fun way to present a carrot that I’ve ever seen!

Eats Amazing UK - Edible Carrot Plane made using a 3D Cutter - a truly fun and creative way to present vegetables

Items used to make this lunch:

 CuteZcute Animal Palz Set Thumbnail cuteZcute Animal Friends Cutter Thumbnail Pirate Cupcake Rings Thumbnail Square Silicone Cups Thumbnail 3D Cutter Airplane Thumbnail Alphabet Picks Thumbnail Crayon Cupcake Picks Thumbnail Spoon and Fork Set Thumbnail Ocean Friends Food Picks Thumbnail

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