Dairy Free Chocolate Nests Recipe

Healthy Chocolate Nests recipe from Eats Amazing UK - Dairy Free and free from refined sugar too - clean eating vegan recipe

Today I’m sharing a dairy free chocolate nests recipe that we trialled at the weekend.  Not only are they dairy free, but these chocolate nests are also free from refined sugar, so positively healthy! They were a big hit with my whole family, from Small Baby to Mr Amazing, who has given up refined sugar along with me for Lent.  I made them because Small Child asked recently if we could make chocolate nests, and I must admit I’ve been craving them too – it’s hard not too with mini eggs staring at me every way I turn in all of the shops! Having given up refined sugar, I’d been … Continue reading

Panda Bento Lunch and #FunFoodFriday

Simple Panda Bento Lunch in the Yumbox UK Bento Box from Eats Amazing UK - fun food for kids

Today I’m sharing a simple panda bento lunch that I made for Small Child recently.  This lunch was made in our Yumbox classic bento box, and is a great example of how a few bento accessories can make a simple lunch extra special and fun! Today is also #FunFoodFriday of course, so as usual, this post contains my Friday linky.  If you’ve written any foodie posts, whether it be children’s meals, creative cakes, lovely lunches or a delicious recipe you’ve blogged, do feel free to join in and add your link at the bottom of the post. I try to comment on and tweet every post that’s linked up over the course of the … Continue reading

Dairy Free Homemade Chocolate Recipe

super easy 2 minute dairy free homemade chocolate recipe - only 4 ingredients and no refined sugar - great for Easter - vegan/clean eating recipe

Today I’m sharing a super simple, dairy free, homemade chocolate recipe. This recipe has only four main ingredients (plus optional add-ins) and literally takes two minutes to prepare – it’s so quick and easy.  The secret ingredient for making this chocolate is coconut oil, my new favourite cooking ingredient! I’ve tried a few coconut oil chocolate recipes recently, tweaking them as I go, and I finally think I’ve got it just right.  This chocolate is completely dairy free, gluten free and free from refined sugar, so healthier than standard chocolate too.  As I’ve been thinking about Easter food recently, I made mine into chocolate eggs, but you could … Continue reading

Healthy Easter Food – 6 Fun Kids Sandwich Ideas

Healthy Easter food ideas for kids - 6 cute and fun kids sandwich ideas for Easter with full instructions

Easter is approaching at speed, so following on from my Christmas sandwich ideas and Halloween sandwich ideas, I thought it would be fun to create some fun Easter kids sandwich ideas as a part of my healthy Easter food series.  In today’s post I’m sharing 6 fun Easter themed sandwiches, all of which were made using circle cutters, as I think that a circle is the most likely cutter shape that your average person would already have available in their kitchen (if not, I do have some nesting circle cutter sets currently available in the Eats Amazing Shop!).  For all of these sandwiches, I’ve tried … Continue reading

Solar Eclipse Bento & #FunFoodFriday

Solar Eclipse Bento - fun way for kids to learn about the solar eclipse through food - from Eats Amazing UK

Good morning, and welcome to another #FunFoodFriday! Today has been a very exciting day so far due to an amazing solar eclipse that took place in our part of the world this morning.  Very sadly for us we had heavy cloud cover in our area so we couldn’t see a thing, but I know that a lot of people had better luck elsewhere in the UK so hopefully lots of you saw the eclipse.  Small Child has been learning all about it school so for today’s packed lunch I made him a special solar eclipse bento to celebrate! As I … Continue reading

St Patrick’s Day Bento Box

Kids Bento Lunch for St Patricks Day - from Eats Amazing UK - healthy and fun food for kids

Good morning, and a very happy St Patrick’s Day to you! Although we don’t particularly celebrate St Patrick’s Day in our house (despite several Irish family connections!), I thought that it was a good opportunity for a themed bento lunch anyway, so this morning I created a fun St Patrick’s Day bento box for Small Child to take to school.  I did keep it simple but included lots of green foods and some fun green bento accessories to decorate. First I packed a simple shamrock sandwich, which I made by cutting out three heart shaped sandwiches using a heart cookie cutter and arranging them with a crust of bread to make the shamrock. I popped … Continue reading

Easy Recipes for Kids – Frozen Banana Yoghurt Bites

Frozen Banana Yoghurt Bites recipe - Simple and healthy snack idea with only 3 ingredients - easy recipe for kids from Eats Amazing UK

Following on from the hugely popular frozen fruity yoghurt bites recipe from my easy recipes for kids series, today I’m sharing a new version of the recipe with a yummy banana twist – frozen banana yoghurt bites.  This version of the recipe has been a massive hit with Small Child – it’s a little sweeter than the original, with one of his favourite fruits, and it’s still extremely simple to make with just three healthy ingredients! As with the original recipe, I used reusable silicone muffin cups for this project as they are sturdy and eco friendly, but you could also use paper cupcake … Continue reading

Fun & Healthy Vegetable Bouquet

Easy Vegetable Bouquet - Healthy and fun kids snack idea for springtime from Eats Amazing UK

Good morning and happy Mother’s Day! In honour of Mother’s Day, today I’m sharing a fun and healthy snack idea that I made with Small Child this morning – a simple vegetable bouquet.  This was really easy to put together and makes a fun edible craft project for kids. To make your vegetable bouquet you’ll need just a few supplies; bamboo skewers, flower shaped mini bento cutters and a glass or vase to present them in.  I cut my skewers in half using kitchen scissors to make them easier to work with.  For younger children, you may want to cut the sharp point … Continue reading

Healthy Easter Nests & #FunFoodFriday

Healthy Easter Nests from Eats Amazing UK - alternative to chocolate - fun snack idea for kids from Eats Amazing UK

Easter is only a few weeks away, so today I’m sharing the first of this year’s fun Easter food ideas – healthy Easter nests! These healthy alternatives to chocolate nests are so quick and easy to make and are made from nothing but raw vegetables – perfect as a fun after school snack idea or to pop into an Easter themed lunch box! Today is also #FunFoodFriday, so as usual, this post contains my Friday linky.  If you’ve written any foodie posts, whether it be children’s meals, creative cakes, lovely lunches or a delicious recipe you’ve blogged, do feel free to join in and add your link at the bottom of the post. I try to comment … Continue reading

Rainbow Food Idea for Picky Eaters

Healthy rainbow food for kids - present food in a muffin tin with cute bento picks to tempt picky eaters to try new things

Continuing on with the rainbow food theme after yesterday’s rainbow fruit sundae recipe, today I’m sharing a fun rainbow food idea aimed at temping picky eaters to try new foods – a pretty rainbow tasting plate for toddlers. I made this for Small Baby recently, (who incidentally isn’t so small any more – a change of nickname is probably overdue!).  He has always been a great eater, but recently I’ve noticed he’s gone from eating everything in sight to what appears to be the beginning of the dreaded toddler picky eater stage.  Having already been through this stage with Small Child, who … Continue reading