Minion Food Art

Fun and easy minion food art snack for kids with quick video instructions - extra fun healthy food for kids from Eats Amazing UK

Today I’m sharing a fun Minion food art snack plate that I made for my boys recently.  It was made from simple and healthy ingredients, was very easy to put together and I had a lot of fun making it! I also videoed the process as I made it, so you can see below exactly how it was done from start to finish. Minion Food Art Snack Ingredients: Handful Blueberries Handful Sweetcorn 1/2 mini Babybel cheese 1 Bear Yoyo (dried fruit strip) Method: Arrange the blueberries on a plate to form the body.  Add two lines of blueberries for the straps.  Arrange … Continue reading

A Week of Healthy and Easy Bento Lunches

A week of easy bento lunch ideas for kids from Eats Amazing UK - balanced and healthy packed lunch ideas

Today I’m going to share a whole week’s worth of healthy and easy bento lunches for kids.  These are all very simple and very quick to throw together.  I’ve been sitting on some of these lunch photos for a while, thinking that they weren’t interesting enough to share, but then I was thinking about this blog and my reasons for setting it up in the first place – to share ideas for healthy bento lunches – and I realised that simple or not, they are all worth sharing.  These may not be fabulously creative bento lunches, but they’re still healthy, appetising and more than good … Continue reading

Traffic Light Fruit Smoothie Recipe

Fun and Healthy Traffic Light Fruit Smoothie Recipe from Eats Amazing UK - great healthy food idea for kids

Today I’m sharing a fun traffic light fruit smoothie recipe that I put together recently.  I’ve called it a traffic light smoothie because it’s based on the three colours of a set of traffic light; red, yellow and green, and it was a big hit with my vehicle loving boys! The smoothie is made entirely from fruit and fruit juices and is a very fun way to get some of those 5 a day into your child! These would be great at a vehicle themed party, or for an extra special healthy breakfast. Traffic Light Fruit Smoothies Ingredients 2 kiwi fruit 8cm chunk cucumber … Continue reading

Winnie The Pooh Bento Lunch

Winnie The Pooh bento lunch - fun and healthy food for kids from Eats Amazing UK

Today I’m sharing a simple but fun Winnie The Pooh bento lunch.  Small Child is still on his Easter holidays at the moment, so no packed lunches for us this week, but I found this one in my archives and thought you might enjoy it!  I’ve really loved having Small Child around for the last few weeks, and will be very sad to see him go back to school on Monday. Today I’m also restarting #FunFoodFriday  after a couple of weeks off over the holiday.  As usual in my #FunFoodFriday posts, this post contains my Friday linky.  If you’ve written any foodie posts, whether it be children’s meals, creative cakes, lovely … Continue reading

Fun and Easy Food Art for Babies & Toddlers

Fun, healthy and easy Food Art Plates for kids with full instructions from Eats Amazing UK

Today I’ll be sharing some fun and easy food art for babies and toddlers.  Here at Eats Amazing, I’m all about having fun with food, so when Organix recently got in touch to ask if I was interested in sharing some of their fun finger food plates I was delighted to get involved. In a new survey from Organix, mums rated the top two things to encourage a positive attitude towards food as making mealtimes fun for your child (76%) and allowing your child to play with and experiment with their food (75%).  Unlike in the old days when parents told … Continue reading

Fun and Healthy Apple Bugs Snack Tutorial

Apple Bugs -Healthy fun food for kids from Eats Amazing UK - with full instructions and video tutorial

Today I’m going to share a fun snack idea – healthy apple bugs.  I’m really excited about today’s post, because if you scroll down you’ll see I’m also sharing my first ever video tutorial! These apple bugs are really easy to make, and so much fun, my boys both love them. They make a great healthy snack idea, but they would also be great for a garden themed party or bug themed party food, and you could pack them in a lunch box too. To make them, you’ll need the following: an apple or two an apple corer a paring knife some orange or … Continue reading

15 Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Kids

15 Quick and easy healthy breakfast ideas for kids from Eats Amazing UK

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always found it hard to keep breakfast both healthy and interesting.  This year I’ve been trying out lots of new ideas to shake things up a bit in our household at breakfast time so today I’m sharing 15 of my healthy breakfast ideas for kids.  These ideas are all very easy and mostly very quick to make, but I’ve tried to make this post more useful by splitting the ideas into three groups – breakfast ideas to prepare in advance, quick breakfast ideas to make in a hurry, and easy breakfast ideas for when you have a little more time.  All of these ideas are suitable for the whole family, … Continue reading

Simple Birthday Bento Lunch

Easy Birthday Bento for Kids - Birthday cake sandwich and balloons for a cute birthday pakced lunch

As I mentioned in my last blog post, Small Child celebrated his birthday over the Easter weekend, so I thought it would be fun to make him a quick birthday themed bento lunch for the last day of term before the Easter holidays.  Time was short and energy was low, so I kept it very simple, but Small Child was delighted because I packed it in his new gelato blue Yumbox UK bento box. In this lunch Small Child had a cheese and ham sandwich, shaped into a birthday cake with one of our new Lunchpunch cutters and lightly decorated with a red … Continue reading

Easter Nest Cupcake Recipe

Easter Nest Cupcakes Recipe - vanilla cupcake and chocolate nest in one - a delicious treat for Easter

I hope you are all prepared for Easter Day tomorrow! I’ve got one last Easter themed food post to share with you this year – a delicious Easter nest cupcake recipe from Stork.  These fun little cupcakes give you the best of both worlds, with a yummy cupcake sponge on the bottom and a true Easter classic, chocolate cornflake nest on top, finished with a favourite of mine – Cadbury mini eggs.  I shared my version of a healthy Easter nest here on the blog last week, but this recipe is well and truly a treat – everything in moderation as they say! Easter Nest Cupcakes Ingredients For the … Continue reading

Fun Easter Egg Hunt Snack Idea

Fun Easter Snack Idea for Kids from Eats Amazing UK - Fill plastic eggs with finger foods - with lots of different food ideas

Today I’m sharing a quick idea for a fun Easter egg hunt snack box to take with you when you’re on the go during the Easter holidays.  This idea would of course work with any lunch box or snack box, but we removed the tray from our new Gelato Blue Yumbox and I think it looked really pretty! I’m also introducing the new range of Yumbox UK bento boxes that have arrived in the Eats Amazing Shop this week – read to the end of the post for a discount code for free postage on all Yumbox orders! To create this fun snack, all you … Continue reading