Fun Christmas Food: Festive Babybel Cheese

As I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, I’m a big fan of Babybel cheese.  Both of my boys love eating them, and from a creative point of view, the wax cover on them makes them really fun and easy to decorate! I tend to buy them when they are on special offer, as they are quite expensive, but they always go down well as a treat in Small Child’s lunch box.  Today I’m sharing some simple ideas to customise them for the festive season.  All the ideas are quick and easy – why not give one a try and pop it in your child’s lunch box as a fun Christmas surprise for them? And in case you’re wondering, this post was not sponsored by Babybel, I have no connection to them – I just really love these little cheeses!

Fun and easy healthy Christmas food ideas - 8 festive Babybel cheese ideas for the kids from Eats Amazing UK

Penguin – to make, simply cut a circle from the wax using a mini bento cutter and remove, add edible icing eyes (little circles of cheese would also work) and a small triangle of carrot for the beak. To see more penguin themed foods see this blog post.

Simple present – to make, peel the middle strip off, leaving the rest of the wax on the cheese, then with a small sharp knife, cut another strip off in the other direction to give ribbon effect.

Santa – wrap a strip of bear yoyo (dried fruit strip) around the cheese, overlapping it slightly at the back so that it can stick to itself. Cut a piece of carrot into a belt buckle shape and pop on top.

Fun and easy healthy Christmas food - festive mini Babybel cheese ideas for the kids from Eats Amazing UK

Robin – a reverse of the penguin above – to make, cut a circle from the wax using a mini bento cutter, then remove all but the circle. You may need to cut the strip of paper away with scissors.  Add edible icing eyes and a tiny triangle cut from carrot for the beak.

Star – using mini bento cutters, cut a star from the wax and remove, being careful to keep it in one piece. Using a smaller star shaped cutter, cut out a tiny star from the wax and pop back onto the cheese to get an outline effect.

Reindeer – peel all of the wax from the cheese and remove.  Using a mini circle cutter, cut a nose from the wax and pop it back on the cheese. Dot on two eyes with an edible marker pen, and add antlers using pieces of broken pretzel.

Fun and easy healthy Christmas food - festive Babybel cheese ideas for the kids from Eats Amazing UK

Snowman – peel two Babybel cheeses and discard the wax.  Using a small circle cutter, cut a piece from one of the cheeses and slot them together to make the snowman shape. With an edible marker pen, dot on eyes, a mouth and buttons. Add a sliver of dried apricot or carrot for the nose, and broken pieces of pretzel for the arms. Pretzel sticks would also work – I just couldn’t find any!

Winter Hat – peel half of the wax off a cheese, leaving the other half in place.  Using a tiny circle cutter or the tip of a sharp knife, cut a tiny mouth from the cheese and pop back on the cheese. Dot on eyes using an edible marker pen to complete the face.  Pinch the side of the wax slightly to give it a bit more of a winter hat shape, and add a mini marshmallow pompom to complete it.

Fun and easy healthy Christmas food - creative Babybel cheese ideas for the kids from Eats Amazing UK

I hope my ideas will inspire you to get a little festive with Babybel cheese – they really are fun!


Red Nosed Reindeer Christmas Lunch

Christmas is getting ever closer, and I’m running out of days to make Christmas lunches – after today there are only 3 more school days left! I can’t wait until the holidays, and Small Child is bursting with excitement about everything to do with Christmas! Today’s lunch had a reindeer theme – I had planned to make a reindeer themed lunch so I could use my 3D reindeer vegetable cutter, but as luck would have it we all overslept this morning and in the ensuing rush I completely forgot about the reindeer cutter, only remembering that I’d planned a reindeer lunch, so Small Child will have to have some carrot reindeers as his after school snack instead!

Eats Amazing UK - Carrot Reindeer made using a simple 3D vegetable cutter - so cool for Christmas Salads and fun kids food

In this lunch Small Child had a reindeer sandwich 0n seeded bread, which I filled with roast chicken slices and decorated with homemade icing eyes, a nose cut from red pepper using a mini bento cutter and some pretzels for antlers.  I stuck the eyes on with honey, in the hope that they will stay put for lunch time! On the side he had raw red pepper and carrot sticks, which I topped with a reindeer Babybel cheese (see details below), and some red and green grapes, which I topped with a reindeer cupcake ring. I also threw a frozen yoghurt tube in at the last minute (not shown).

Christmas reindeer themed sandwich and healthy kids lunch idea from Eats Amazing UK

Here’s a closer look at the Reindeer Babybel.  To make it, first I peeled the wax off, then cut a circle from the wax using a mini bento cutter to pop back on for the nose.  I added eyes using an edible marker pen, and antlers made from broken pieces of pretzel.  I made sure I told Small Child that the nose was wax so he didn’t eat it – if you wanted to make it completely edible you could use a circle cut from red pepper instead of the wax.

Eats Amazing UK - Easy Babybel Reindeer - Fun Kids Christmas Snack

I hope Small Child enjoys his reindeer themed lunch!


Items used to make this lunch:

 Father Christmas and Reindeer Cupcake Rings Decorations from Eats Amazing UK 6 Piece Mini Bento Cutters Set 4 bear theme from Eats Amazing UK 3D Christmas Reindeer Food Cutter for Vegetables and biscuits from Eats Amazing UK

Disclosure: This post contains some Amazon affiliate links; I may receive commission on items purchased through the links.

Snowflake Sandwiches and Themed Lunch

In today’s post I’m sharing a fun wintery snowflake sandwich idea.  This was inspired by those paper snowflakes that you cut from folded paper, as Small Child has been making lots of them to decorate the house recently.  It occurred to me that you could make edible ones by using tortilla wraps in the place of the paper, and as I was in the middle of brainstorming Christmas sandwich ideas it was a natural step for me to use them to decorate sandwiches! You could also bake them to make snowflake tortilla crisps – it would be a fun edible craft activity to keep the children entertained over the Christmas holidays or a plate of them would look really pretty at a party.

Here’s how I made them: First I sprinkled a plain tortilla wrap with a tiny bit of water and microwaved it for 5 seconds to make it a little more pliable. I then cut circles from the wrap with my biggest circle cutter. Working quickly, whilst the tortilla was still soft, I folded each circle in half, and then in half again, so that I had a triangle.  Using sharp kitchen scissors, I made cuts into the tortilla wrap then opened it up to reveal a pretty snowflake.  You could also use a sharp knife or even mini bento cutters to cut the shapes into the snowflakes.

Eats Amazing UK - Edible Snowflake Craft with tortilla wraps - bake them to make cute snowflake tortilla crisps for festive party food

I cut out quite a few different snowflakes to try out some different designs – I thought some of them looked really pretty! I then used them to top sandwiches, which I shaped into a circle using the same size cutter that I’d used for the snowflakes.

Eats Amazing UK Christmas Food - Make edible snowflakes from tortilla wrap and use them to top sandwiches - cute party food

I packed a snowflake sandwich into a lunch for Small Child and themed the rest of the lunch around snowflakes too.  In this lunch (packed in our Yumbox Panino) Small Child had a snowflake sandwich filled with roast beef and made on granary bread.  I ‘glued’ the snowflake on with small amount of cream cheese to keep it from moving around. On the side he had a few sugar snap peas (under the cucumber), cucumber slices, which I decorated by pressing a snowflake cutter into them, snowflakes cut from melon using the same snowflake cutter, a few grapes on the side and a cheese string, which I cut into small pieces and popped into the dip well along with some raisins.

Eats Amazing UK - Decorate a winter sandwich with snowflakes cut from a tortilla wrap - fun and healthy kids lunchFor a finishing touch, I decorated the outside of Small Child’s Yumbox with snowflake window clings.  I thought it looked really pretty and Small Child loved it! I’m really pleased with how well the window clings worked too, I’ll be keeping my eye out for seasonal clings to decorate our lunchboxes throughout the year.

Eats Amazing UK - Cusomise a plain lunch box like the Yumbox with seasonal window clings

I got the window-cling idea from someone in the Eats Amazing Lunch Packing Community group – if you use Facebook why not join us there? It’s a great place to share ideas and show off your own creations!


Items used to make this lunch:

Yumbox Panino in Pomodoro Red from Eats Amazing UK Double Sided Nesting Round Cookie Scone Cutters from Eats Amazing UK 4 Piece Bento Cutter Set 2 Snowflake from Eats Amazing UK

Simple Santa Sandwich Lunch

I can’t believe we are in the last week of term, I have no idea where this year has gone! Christmas is looming ever closer, and I really must start getting myself organised.  Like most people at this time of year, I have been ridiculously busy recently, so my festive lunches have been getting more and more simple as December has gone on.  This lunch was another really quick one to put together – a few dried fruit strips (bear yoyo) and a piece of cheese transformed a standard square sandwich into a simple Santa.  I added a couple of red coloured foods on the side and had a festive Santa themed lunch ready in no time at all!

In this lunch (packed in our Yumbox Panino) Small Child had his Santa sandwich, made on oat and seeded bread and filled with roast beef slices.  I cut it into a neat square, then added two strips of a strawberry bear yoyo and topped them with a piece of cheese, which I turned into a buckle with the aid of a small sharp knife.  On the side I packed slices of beetroot, topped with a reindeer cupcake ring, and red grapes and raspberries, which I topped with a Santa cupcake ring.  I finished the lunch off with some small cubes of cheddar cheese in the dip well, under which I had hidden a nice surprise of a few mini marshmallows.

Simple Santa Sandwich - fun and healthy Christmas lunch idea for kids - Eats Amazing UK

Small Child clearly enjoyed this lunch as there wasn’t a crumb left when he got home!


Items used to make this lunch:

Yumbox Panino in Pomodoro Red from Eats Amazing UK Father Christmas and Reindeer Cupcake Rings Decorations from Eats Amazing UK

Simple Snowman Snack & Fun Food Friday #47

I’m really getting into the festive mood this week, but like most people at this time of year I’m ridiculously busy and time for creative food is limited.  I recently had a fun idea though that involved pretty much zero effort from me and has been a big hit with Small Child – a DIY Snowman snack! The first time I made it I used yoghurt, which went down very well, but then I had the idea to try the same thing at breakfast time with porridge, and that was a massive hit – Small Child has requested snowman porridge for breakfast every day since! The idea is simple – provide a bowl full of a white(ish) food such as yoghurt or porridge, add a small bowl or cup full of edible ‘snowman parts’ (that sounded slightly more dodgy than I intended!) and let your child create to their hearts content!

Eats Amazing UK - Quick and simple snowman snack idea that children can design themselves - fun snack for a Frozen fan

For the snowman snack I’ve shown here I served up a bowl full of vanilla yoghurt.  Natural yoghurt would be even better – it has less sugar and is whiter in colour, but that’s what I had in the fridge at the time.  On the side I provided blueberries, orange smarties and matchmakers chocolate sticks (which I snapped in half) for arms. You could replace any of those with whatever foods you think would work – raisins instead of the blueberries have gone down well here too, or you could try grapes or chocolate chips. Chopped dried apricots would work for the nose, or pretzel sticks for arms – just improvise with whatever you have available to you!

Eats Amazing UK - Build your own edible snowman - fun kids snack idea for Christmas

Small Child likes to make his snowman face, eat it along with the top layer of porridge or yoghurt, then make another one, so be sure to provide plenty of ‘parts’ for creating with! 17 month old Small Baby is more interested in eating than creating with his food at the moment, so he wolfed down his blueberries before they ever made it to the bowl – ah well, there’s always next year!

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Eats Amazing Fun Food Friday

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Green and Red Food Ideas for Christmas

Does your Christmas have a colour scheme? When it comes to our Christmas tree and decorations, we’ve always been one for a glorious jumble of bits and pieces collected by us over the years, made by our children and received as gifts from family and friends.  Our Christmas colour theme is best described as ‘eclectic rainbow’ and I expect that that will be the case for all our Christmases to come too! When I think of Christmas colours, I do instantly think of red and green though – holly, Santa, elves, candy canes, robins, Christmas trees and Brussels sprouts are just a few of the things that spring to mind! I thought it would be a fun exercise therefore to think up some healthy green and red foods to use this festive season – for themed children’s lunch boxes, snacks, meals at home and even Christmas party food – I love the idea of theming a Christmas party on a colour scheme!

Eats Amazing UK - Red and Green Foods for Christmas - would make a fun theme for Christmas party food

Below I’m sharing some of my ideas – I really enjoyed creating the foods for this post and my boys thoroughly enjoyed eating the results!

First up some green and red vegetable ideas! Pictured below are sugar snap peas, tomatoes, broccoli, peas, beetroot, cucumber and red pepper.

Eats Amazing UK - Red and Green Vegetable Ideas for Christmas Food - Have a healthy Christmas

Other green and red vegetables you could use include spinach, lettuce, celery, avocado, mange tout, fine green beans, runner beans, green pepper, spring onion, Brussels sprouts, radish, red onion and red cabbage (we love pickled red cabbage at this time of year!).

Now for some green and red fruits. Pictured below are kiwi fruit, passion fruit, red and green grapes, strawberries, raspberries, apple and melon.

Eats Amazing UK - Red and Green Fruit Ideas for Christmas Food - Have a healthy ChristmasOther green and red fruits you could use include dried or fresh cherries, cranberries, redcurrants, watermelon, blood orange, plum, pear and lime.

Once you’ve got your red and green foods together, the next step is finding fun ways to present them. My first idea is an extremely simple one – Melon Christmas tree skewers.  To make, simply cut a slice of melon into triangles and skewer them onto plastic skewers.  The star skewers I used were perfect for this, but any skewers would work.

Eats Amazing UK - Melon Christmas Tree Skewers - Fun and Healthy Snack Food Idea for Kids

Next I made a special red and green Christmas fruit salad. This included melon triangles, kiwi triangles, halved red and green grapes, raspberries and some pomegranate seeds. You could use any mixture of green and red fruits though – even throwing in some dried fruit like cranberries (perfect for the festive season!).

Eats Amazing UK - Red and Green Fruit Salad - Great Healhty Dessert Idea for a Christmas Party

This Christmas tree snack isn’t a new idea – I’ve seen variations of this floating around Pinterest for the last few years, but I put my own spin on it with sugar snap peas, a carrot star, a red pepper trunk and pomegranate seeds, which I thought made really pretty tree lights!

Eats Amazing UK - Healthy Christmast Tree Snack for Kids

I used green grapes and raspberries to make Christmas themed fruit kebabs – the skewers I used for these were some glittery plastic cocktail skewers that I’ve had knocking around in my cupboard for years – always nice to repurpose things from my pre-children life! As with the red and green fruit salad, any combination of fruits would work well for these.  These were a big hit with both of my boys, and I think they’d go down really well as a healthy option at a Christmas party!

Eats Amazing UK - Healthy Red and Green Fruit Kebabs for a Christmas Party or Kids Snack

Finally I made myself a festive salad for lunch, all in reds and greens! Included in the salad was shredded lettuce, chopped raw red pepper, quartered cherry tomatoes, halved red grapes, finely sliced spring onion and dried cranberries.  I topped the salad with Christmas trees and stars, which I cut from slices of cucumber using mini bento cutters.

Eats Amazing UK - Red and Green Healthy Christmas Salad with Cucumber Stars and Christmas Trees

This was a fun little project to work on! Do you have a colour theme in your house at Christmas?


Simple Winter Lunch

Today I’m sharing a simple lunch packed in our blue Yumbox – this may look complicated but it really was a minimal effort lunch that I threw together in about 5 minutes maximum!  One of my favourite things about packing bento style lunches is that you can throw all sorts of odds and ends into a box and it looks great.  This is particularly perfect on days when you’ve run out of bread so can’t make sandwiches, and I’ve found that my children love having lots of little bits and pieces to nibble on.  If you’re looking for finger foods for this kind of lunch, check out my 60 lunch box foods to mix and match post – you should find plenty of inspiration there, covering all of the main food groups, without a sandwich in sight!

In this lunch Small Child had a large slice of roast chicken breast which I cut up into bite-size pieces and topped with a mini snow-globe cupcake pick, a silicone cup full of mini snowman shaped crackers, cucumber slices, with a little star cut from the middle using a mini bento cutter, a few blueberries, a clementine, which I peeled, broke into segments and topped with a snowman cupcake ring, natural yoghurt, topped with a few chocolate stars and a couple of little snowman shaped marshmallows for a treat.

Eats Amazing UK - Simple winter lunch idea packed in the Yumbox - bits and pieces are so easy to pack and look pretty

Small Child loved this lunch and ate most of it, finishing off the last few scraps on his way home from school!


Items used to make this lunch:

Yumbox Classic in Myrtille Blue from Eats Amazing UKFlower Shaped Silicone Cups for Baking and Bento from Eats Amazing UKEats Amazing UK Bento Shop - 12 Piece Mini Bento Cutter set with carry case - great for cake decorating tooSnow Globe and Snowflake Christmas Cupcake Picks Decorations from Eats Amazing UKArctic Themed Christmas Cupcake Rings Decorations from Eats Amazing UK

Easy 2 Ingredient 5 minute Fudge Recipe

If you’re here looking for my usual healthy food ideas, then look away now! Today’s recipe for 2 ingredient fudge is most definitely not healthy, but we all need a treat now and again and this fudge is seriously delicious, looks gorgeous and most important of all, is incredibly easy to make! It’s so simple that my 6 year old could make it, so this fudge is a really great edible gift idea that children could easily make for teachers, friends or relatives, at Christmas or indeed throughout the year. I make batch after batch of this every year for my family and friends at Christmas, and it never fails to impress, so I thought it was about time I shared the recipe.

2 Ingredient 5 minute quick and easy fudge recipe - 1 recipe - endless flavour combinations

The great thing about this recipe is that it can be customised to make endless varieties and flavours, so it never gets dull.  You just take the basic recipe and mix in extras or add tasty toppings for a different fudge to suit every taste! It’s also incredibly quick to make – I made 3 batches in one go last week, creating 6 different flavours, and the whole process took me about 15 minutes from start to finish! You can literally have a large slab of fudge setting in the fridge 5 minutes from starting making it – it doesn’t get much quicker than that!

Super simple 2 ingredient fudge recipe from Eats Amazing UK - so quick and easy to make


So here with no further ado is my 2 ingredient fudge recipe:

Ingredients (fills 1 tray – approx. 6 small slabs)

1 400g tin condensed milk
500g Dark Chocolate
500g Milk Chocolate
600g White Chocolate

(Optional extras): Toppings of your choice


Line a small rectangular baking tray or cake tin with baking parchment.  If you don’t have any, tin foil also works.

Break or chop the chocolate of your choice into pieces and place in a large microwavable bowl.  Pour over the condensed milk and mix together well.

Pop the bowl into the microwave and heat in short bursts of around 30 seconds, taking it out and stirring in between, until the chocolate has almost melted.  Be careful not to overheat.

Once the chocolate is melted, beat well with a wooden spoon until it all comes together smoothly.  If you would like to mix anything into the fudge, throw it in at this point and stir to mix in.

Tip into the tin and spread around so it is in an even layer in the tin.  Use a palette knife or spatula to smooth the top down.  If using toppings, add at this point, pushing them into the fudge quickly before it sets.

Pop the tray of fudge into the fridge and leave to set.  Once it has set hard, take it out and cut into pieces.  I like to cut mine into 6 mini slabs, scoring lines into the top and packing in cellophane bags to give as gifts.

2 Ingredient 5 minute fudge recipe - easy recipe for children to make - fab Christmas present idea

Suggested topping or flavourings to mix in:

Vanilla Essence: a tsp of vanilla essence gives some lovely extra flavour and is particularly good in the dark chocolate fudge – mix in before beating.

Dried fruit: Cranberries are lovely at Christmas, or try raisins, blueberries, cherries, freeze dried strawberries (gorgeous in the white chocolate fudge), dried banana chips or a mix of whatever you have in the cupboard.  I used a great ‘berries and cherries’ mix to top some of my dark chocolate fudge this time.

Nuts: Chopped or whole nuts work well – mix in or use to top the fudge (or do both!). Walnuts, cashews, hazelnuts, pecans, macadamias or flaked almonds all work well.

Chopped or smashed candy cane: I popped a couple of candy canes into a plastic bag and crushed them with a rolling pin to top the other half of my dark chocolate fudge – but it this would work well with all three kinds of chocolate.

Marshmallows: Mix big marshmallows into the fudge or use mini marshmallows to top – there are some really fun seasonal shaped marshmallows around at this time of year that you could use to top the fudge too.

Chunks of contrasting chocolate: mix chunks of milk chocolate into white chocolate fudge or vice versa or press pieces of chocolate into the top.  I added milky way magic stars to the top of my white chocolate fudge, but buttons, jazzies or chocolate chips would also work well.

2 Ingredient 5 minute super simple fudge recipe from Eats Amazing UK - with loads of different flavour combination ideas

Swirled double chocolate fudge: make up two batches of contrasting fudge (e.g. white chocolate at milk chocolate) and swirl them together in the tin.  If you only want one batch, halve the recipe and put half of a tin of condensed milk in each bowl of chocolate.

Sprinkles: Top plain chocolate fudge with sprinkles of your choice – there are some great seasonal sprinkles available in most supermarkets or online.  Try red and white nonpareils on dark chocolate, or snowflake sprinkles on white chocolate.

2 Ingredient 5 minute simple fudge recipe from Eats Amazing UK - brilliant for edible gift idea

I sent most of the fudge off to Small Child’s school Christmas Fayre, I hope it was enjoyed by whoever purchased it!

Hopefully I’ve managed to give you plenty of ideas so you can make this fudge your own! Can you think of any other toppings to add?


Penguin Themed Food & Fun Food Friday #46

Yesterday in my creative Christmas sandwich ideas post I shared a penguin sandwich, so today I’m going to share the lunch that it went into and also a couple of other easy penguin themed foods, because penguins are always cute and provide a perfect theme for fun winter or Christmas food! Today is also Fun Food Friday, so as is usual in my Friday blog posts, there is a linky at the bottom of this post. If you’ve written any foodie posts, whether it be toddler meals, creative cakes, lovely lunches or a yummy recipe you’ve blogged, do feel free to join in and add your link! I try to comment on and tweet every post that’s linked up, and I pin them all to my special Fun Food Friday Pinterest board too.

First up is a penguin Babybel! This is very similar to my penguin sandwich and even easier to make. To make it, simply grab a round mini bento cutter, use it to remove a little circle of wax, then add edible icing eyes and a tiny triangle cut from a piece of carrot to make a beak. (You can find my tutorial for homemade icing eyes here, or alternatively buy them from Amazon UK).

Creative Christmas food - easy penguin Babybel - perfect for Winter themed kids party or a fun snack

Next up is a penguin clementine.  This went down very well with both Small Child and Small Baby, who cooed at it for a while before showing any interest in eating it! To make, use the tip of a sharp knife cut a rough circle into the skin of the clementine, leaving a small triangle at the top for the beak, and leaving it attached at the bottom. Peel away to expose the fruit underneath, then cut the skin that is left into two rough feet and discard the rest.  Cut two rounded flaps from the sides and peel away slightly to make the wings.  Dot on the eyes with any pen – I used a sharpie (the skin will be discarded before eating so that bit won’t be eaten). I served it up with a  few snowflake shaped sugar sprinkles.

Eats Amazing UK - Clementine Penguin - fun and healthy fruit snack idea for kids

Here are my penguin sandwiches, made using circle cutters – you can find full instructions for how to make these in yesterday’s Christmas sandwich post.

Eats Amazing UK - Simple Penguin Sandwiches - these would be so cute for a Christmas party

Finally, here is the lunch that I made the penguin sandwiches for. Small Child is a big fan of penguins so this one went down very well with him! In this lunch I packed the penguin sandwiches (filled with roast chicken slices), a cheese string, carrot fishes in a cute silicone cup which I thought looked a little like a snowflake, a clementine, broken into segments, a penguin shaped silicone cup filled with raisins and a few marshmallows and some organic strawberry yoghurt, which I topped with a few snowflake sprinkles.

Eats Amazing UK - Fun Penguin Themed Kids Bento School Lunch Idea for Christmas

Now it’s your turn to share! Have you been making any fun food recently? Please link up your foodie posts below and share the inspiration around. You can also link up Instagram, Facebook or Twitter pictures if you don’t have a blog of your own.

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Eats Amazing Fun Food Friday

Thank you in advance for linking up, I hope you find some fun inspiration!

Christmas Food – 6 Fun Sandwich Ideas

After the success of my Halloween sandwich post earlier this year, I thought it would be fun to do a similar series for Christmas.  I’m sharing 6 creative Christmas sandwich ideas today – I may have more to share later on in the month but hopefully this is a good start for now! As with my Halloween sandwiches, I’ve tried to come up with designs that are really easy to put together, so they would be great to use for party food or a fun healthy snack as well as for children’s packed lunches. These designs also all use circle cutters, as I think that a circle is the most likely cutter shape that your average person would already have available in their kitchen (if not, I do have some nesting circle cutter sets currently available in the Eats Amazing Shop!).

Eats Amazing UK - 6 fun and easy Christmas themed sandwiches for party food, healthy snacks and fun packed lunches

A few tips before I begin:

1. As mentioned above, I used various sizes of cutter from a nesting circle cutter set to make all of these sandwiches.  Most of them could easily be resized to make mini versions for party food – just use a smaller circle cutter.  If you don’t have circle cutters, you could try using different sized glasses, mugs, bowls or plates by cutting around them with a small sharp knife. For some of the sandwiches I also used tiny circle cutters from my mini bento cutter sets.

2. A good tip when making shaped sandwiches is to cut each piece of bread out separately and fill them after – this way you will get much neater edges.

3. If using ham or other sandwich meats, cut the meat into shape (in this case a circle), before adding to the shaped bread.  The same applies to slices of cheese – if using a hard cheese such as cheddar then cut into slices, lay them out together to make one large slice and cut into shape before transferring to the bread.

4. If your sandwich is going in a lunch box rather than being served up immediately, you can ‘glue’ any features or decorations in place using foods such as cream cheese, houmous, mayonnaise, peanut butter, chocolate spread, honey or jam, depending on your sandwich filling.

5. For some sandwiches I used my homemade edible icing eyes, but if you don’t have any you can also cut some from cheese using a mini circle cutter (you could also use the end of a plastic drinks straw) and an edible marker pen to dot them. You can also buy ready made icing eyes from Amazon UK.

6. I also used edible marker pens to add details to some of the sandwiches – if you don’t have any then food colouring and a fine paint brush will do the same job.

7. You’ll most likely generate lots of spare crusts of bread after making circle-shaped sandwiches, but don’t waste them! See this post for some great ideas for using them up.

Now for the sandwiches!  First up is a Christmas pudding.  This was nice and simple to make, just a round sandwich with easy to add decorations! Brown or granary bread works best for this one – cut out and fill a round sandwich using your circle cutters then add the ‘icing’, cut from a tortilla wrap (see instructions below) and finish with a couple of leaf picks and a red polka-dot pick.

Eats Amazing UK - Healthy Christmas food - 6 fun sandwich ideas

To make the ‘icing’, first cut a circle from a plain tortilla wrap using the same sized cutter that you used for the sandwich.  Cut a wavy line across the middle – either using a mini circle cutter or by cutting free-hand.  Glue to the sandwich using houmous, cream cheese or similar (see tips above for more ‘edible glue’ suggestions).

Eats Amazing UK - how to make a Christmas Pudding Sandwich

Next up is a simple snowman.  I used my circle cutters to cut out two round sandwiches – one slightly smaller than the other, then cut a piece from the larger circle using the smaller cutter in order to fit the two sandwiches together (see below).  I decorated the sandwich with a small piece of carrot for the nose and a Bear yoyo (dried fruit strip) which I cut into little strips for the scarf.  I cut some tiny circles from the yoyo using a mini bento cutter to make the eyes and the buttons and added some sugar snowflake sprinkles to the plate to decorate.  You can see how I used this sandwich in a bento lunch here.

Christmas food for kids - simple Snowman sandwich idea from Eats Amazing UK

Here’s how I cut the sandwiches – as you can see I cut a piece from the bigger circle using the smaller cutter so that they would fit together perfectly.

Eats Amazing UK - Snowman Sandwich Tutorial

Of course I needed to make a Santa Clause sandwich for my Christmas series, and here he is! To make, first cut out and fill a plain circle sandwich.  Next, cut out another circle from a tortilla wrap using the ridged side of the same cutter you used to shape the sandwich. If you don’t have ridges on your cutters (all mine are double sided), you can also just cut a plain circle, although it will give you a slightly different effect. Cut a piece from the tortilla circle using a slightly smaller cutter to turn it into a beard shape.  Cut out a piece of red pepper and cut into shape using the same cutter you used to make the sandwich, then add a strip of tortilla wrap to make the hat.  Finish with a couple of edible eyes and draw on a little mouth on using a red edible marker pen.

Eats Amazing UK - 6 fun sandwich ideas for healthy Christmas treats

A Santa Claus sandwich would be lost without Rudolf! The idea of using pretzels for antlers isn’t a new one – I’ve been seeing it all over Pinterest for years now, but it’s a great idea so I unashamedly borrowed it! You can see the instructions below for how I cut out the shape of Rudolf’s face, and I finished him off with a couple of edible eyes, two pretzels for his antlers and a piece of red pepper which I cut out using a mini bento circle cutter for his nose.

Eats Amazing UK - 6 fun kids sandwich ideas for Christmas snacks and lunches

I originally started off with a plain circle sandwich for this one, but then decided to add a little more shape to his face so used the same circle cutter to do so.  To shape, I used the circle cutter to cut a slice off each side to make a point for the nose, then a small slice off the top to even it out a little.  If you’re short on time or don’t want to take the extra steps, a plain circle with the same added features would probably work well too.

Eats Amazing UK - How to shape a reindeer sandwich using round cookie cutters

This penguin sandwich is definitely my favourite of my designs so far this Christmas season!  When I was trying to come up with some deigns for this series I roughed it out on paper, but it came out much better ‘in the flesh’! This was beautifully simple to make, and very effective I think (see instructions below).

Eats Amazing UK - Simple Penguin Sandwich - such a cute healthy snack idea or for a winter themed lunch

To make the penguin sandwich, first cut out two circles from brown or wholemeal bread using your biggest circle cutter. Top one of the pieces with your sandwich filling and set aside.  Take the other circle, and using a smaller circle cutter, cut out a piece and remove.  Take a piece of white bread, and cut out a circle from it using the same smaller circle cutter.  Slot into the gap in your large circle, and use to top your sandwich.

Eats Amazing UK - How to make a simple penguin sandwich tutorial

Finish the penguin off by adding edible eyes and a beak cut from a slice of carrot.  I was so excited by how well the penguin sandwich turned out that I decided to use the discarded smaller circle to make an extra baby penguin sandwich!  I used a mini circle bento cutter to cut out his tummy, and followed the same method as above to finish him off.  Isn’t he cute?!

Eats Amazing UK - Simple Penguin Sandwiches - these would be so cute for a Christmas party

Last but not least is my Christmas take on the fairy sandwich, but instead of sprinkles I’ve highlighted the design with lettuce, which is rather more healthy, if a little less tasty! To make, I first cut two circles from white bread.  I topped one slice with my sandwich filling (in this case chicken) and popped a lettuce leaf on top (cut with the same circle cutter to ensure no messy edges).  I used a little holly leaf cutter to cut out the leaf design in the second slice, then used to top the sandwich.  I finished it off with three red polka dot picks to make the berries, although dried cranberries or tiny circles cut from red pepper or a bear yoyo would also work well to replace the picks if you don’t have any.

Eats Amazing UK - 6 fun sandwich ideas for Christmas lunches

That’s it for now, which of my Christmas sandwiches is your favourite? If you try any of these designs, do leave a comment below to let me know!


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