Healthy Carrot Muffins Recipe

Easy and healthy carrot and berry muffin recipe - a fun valetines treat to cook with your children

Today I’m sharing a recipe for healthy carrot muffins.  I say ‘healthy’, but ‘healthier’ would probably be more accurate, as they do still contain some sugar.  They are definitely healthier than standard muffins though, which I achieved by using a reduced amount of unrefined sugar and baking them with wholemeal flour.  Plus they’ve got carrot and fruit in, practically one of your 5 a day, right?! They aren’t the prettiest muffins I’ve ever seen, but they really were delicious! I baked some of them in heart shaped silicone cases as a nod to the approach of Valentines day – I had thoughts of putting some in the freezer for a few weeks to bring out for a tasty valentines treat but they all vanished within a day or two, so we’ll have to make them again nearer the time!  I made this batch … Continue reading

Pacman Bento Lunch & #FunFoodFriday

Simple Pacman Themed Kids Bento Lunch - Retro Fun from Eats Amazing UK

This week has flown past, how did it get to #FunFoodFriday so quickly?! Today for my fun food I’m sharing a really simple Pacman themed lunch, this was such fun to make and the retro feel brought me straight back to childhood (my goodness, that sentence made me feel old!).  After making this lunch I then spent rather too much time playing Pacman via Google with Small Child (if the link doesn’t work try typing Pacman into Google) who loved it, though he got rather frustrated whenever he got eaten by one of the ghosties! Anyway, back to lunch, I was inspired by these cute cupcake rings, which I thought looked a bit like the ghosties in the game. As I mentioned above, today is #FunFoodFriday, and as is usual in my Friday blog … Continue reading

Healthy Lunch Idea: Tortilla Wrap Spirals

Healthy Kids Packed Lunch Idea - Tortilla Wrap Spirals on a stick from Eats Amazing UK

I love tortilla wraps – not only are they tasty but they are so versatile! From a wrap stuffed with whatever filling you fancy (my favourites are fajita chicken or houmous with feta cheese), to quesadillas and even homemade tortilla crisps, there seem to be endless lunch possibilities where wraps are concerned.  Small Child’s current favourites are wrap spirals. These are so easy to make and look really pretty! To make, simply lay out your favourite filling on a tortilla wrap, roll up tightly and cut into bite size pieces.  I like to skewer them on food picks or plastic skewers to hold them together, but you could also just pack them tightly into a lunch box to prevent them moving around too much in transit. I usually try to use wholemeal wraps to make to keep them healthier, but … Continue reading

DIY Breakfast Sundae Recipe & #FunFoodFriday

Healthy Breakfast Sundae Recipe - Simple Idea to make breakfast extra special for all the family - easy idea for cooking with children

Today I’m sharing a simple recipe for a really fun and healthy breakfast that children (or adults!) can make themselves – a yummy DIY breakfast sundae. The components of the sundae are all ordinary foods that work well for breakfast, but as always, it’s all in the presentation, and this is definitely the prettiest breakfast I’ve had for some time! I’m hoping to share a few fresh breakfast ideas this month, in celebration of Breakfast Week, which starts on the 25th January, a campaign I am very happy to support as I agree wholeheartedly with the idea that breakfast is an absolutely vital part of the day.  You can find out more about Breakfast Week on their website and also over on their Facebook page (and while you’re there, don’t forget to follow Eats Amazing too!). Today is also … Continue reading

Brilliant Bento Lunches from my Bento Blogging Friends!

Massive round-up of creative bento lunch ideas and bloggers - So many ideas for packing fun bento lunches here!

Shortly after I started writing the Eats Amazing blog and sharing my bento lunches, I found myself being welcomed into a community called the Bento Bloggers and Friends (or BBF for short!).  These lovely ladies (plus our two resident ‘boys’) are all fantastically creative, with wonderful blogs of their own, so today I’m going to take a break from sharing my own lunches and share some of theirs instead. What I love about being part of the BBF group is that we each have our own distinct style and way of packing lunches.  There is no competitiveness at all, just a happy community of people with a shared love of beautiful food, who are always on hand to offer support or share inspiration. I’m sure you’ll agree that their lunches are all very beautiful indeed! I’ve listed the blogs … Continue reading

Angry Birds Themed Bento Lunches

Angry Birds Sandwich and Themed Bento Lunch from Eats Amazing UK - making healthy food fun for kids

Following on from yesterday’s Star Wars themed lunches, today I’m sharing a couple more lunches based on another of Small Child’s favourite themes – Angry Birds! The sum total of Small Child’s computer gaming is the (very) occasional 5 minutes on my iPhone playing Angry Birds, but this seems to have inspired a whole host of imaginative play ideas.  Added to that an Angry Birds annual he received for Christmas and an Angry Birds racing game he bought with his pocket money recently, it’s safe to say that Small Child is currently crazy about Angry Birds, so a themed lunch always goes down well. The first lunch was packed in our blue Yumbox classic, and was made up of lots of little bits and pieces. In this lunch I packed … Continue reading

Star Wars Themed Packed Lunch Ideas

Simple Kids Bento Packed Lunch with a Star Wars Theme from Eats Amazing UK

I have a bit of a backlog of unshared lunches in my archives, so today I’m going to share several Star Wars themed packed lunch ideas.  Small Child absolutely loves Star Wars, and often requests that I make his lunch with a  Star Wars theme.  He’s always really happy when I agree, and usually gets involved in helping me to make the lunch too.  I’m sharing three lunches in this post, the first two he helped me with, the last he made completely by himself. In the first lunch, which was packed in our Yumbox Panino, Small Child had  bread sticks, slices of roast beef, which he rolled and pushed through Star Wars themed cupcake rings and a Babybel cheese, on which I roughly carved a Star Wars S.  On the side I packed some cucumber slices, … Continue reading

Sunday Snacks #1

Food Art for Kids - Cute Snack Plate for Valentines Day with CuteZCute Cutters from Eats Amazing UK

Today is in the first in a new series here on Eats Amazing – each Sunday I’m going to share a fun and healthy snack idea in the form of a plate of food art for kids. Each post will be short and sweet, hopefully the photo will be fairly self explanatory, but you’ll find information about the food and equipment used below. Enjoy! Details of this snack: Bread bear cut out using the CuteZCute Cuddle Palz Cutter set, mini heart cut from raw red bell pepper, bananas hearts cut out using mini bento cutters. Grace This post was linked up at the following linky: Make my day, share away…

Monkey Themed Toddler Meal & #FunFoodFriday

Healthy Monkey Themed Fun Muffin Tin Meal for a Toddler - Eats Amazing UK

It’s been a while since I’ve made a muffin tin meal, but Small Baby had this one recently and he really enjoyed it, so I’m going to start making them for him more regularly. I consider muffin tin meals to be a great introduction to bento style lunches for babies and toddlers – they make it easy to provide a good variety of healthy foods whilst keeping control over portion sizes, and they are perfect for fun meals at home.  I’ve noticed that Small Baby seems more willing to try new things and also eats a bigger selection of food when it is presented in this way, and muffin tin meals are fun for me to make too! Today is also the first #FunFoodFriday of this year, after a little break over the festive period, and as is usual in my … Continue reading

Cooking with Children – Frozen Fruity Yoghurt Bites

Eats Amazing UK - Healthy frozen fruity yoghurt snack idea with free child friendly easy recipe sheet to print out - great for cooking with children!

Today’s recipe is a really simple one for frozen fruity yoghurt bites.  With just a few ingredients and minimal equipment, cooking with children couldn’t be easier!  This is a lovely healthy recipe that even a toddler could make – in fact if Small Baby hadn’t been having a nap at the time I would definitely have got him involved too! As always, this recipe can be adjusted to suit your tastes and needs – swap fresh fruit for alternatives of your choice (strawberries or blackberries would work nicely) or try dried fruits, or switch to soya yoghurt or similar if you’d like to make it dairy free. I used natural yoghurt as a healthy option because it has no added sugar, but you could use any yoghurt flavour of your choice. I believe that teaching children to cook plays a major … Continue reading