Captain America Bento Lunch & #FunFoodFriday

Captain America Bento Lunch with simple Captain America shield sandwich - healthy food ideas for kids from Eats Amazing UK

After making Small Child a fun Spiderman bento lunch recently, I was inspired to try out another superhero theme, resulting in the simple Captain America bento lunch that I’m sharing with you today.  I have to say I that although this lunch is really simple, I was SO pleased with how Captain America’s shield sandwich turned out! It only took a minute or two to make and both Small Child and Daddy were quite taken with it (Small Baby was unimpressed however, he was too preoccupied with trying to get his hands on the leftover crusts!). Today is also #FunFoodFriday, so as usual, this post contains my Friday linky.  If you’ve written any foodie posts, … Continue reading

Book Themed Food: Book Bento Lunch Ideas

Book Themed Food - 10 Book Bento Lunch Ideas for Kids from Eats Amazing UK - Perfect for World Book Day

With World Book Day fast approaching, I’ve been brainstorming some new book themed food ideas, specifically planning some new book bento lunch ideas for Small Child next week – I can’t wait!  If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you may remember that for the last two years I’ve created a whole week of book themed lunches each year to celebrate World Book Day.  I really enjoyed making them so I’m definitely going to continue the tradition this year – look our for my book themed lunches next week! In the meantime, I’ve also been looking back over some of my favourite book themed … Continue reading

Healthy Bento Lunch Ideas with Eyes!

One whole week of fun easy and healthy bento lunch ideas for kids from Eats Amazing UK

I’ve got quite a lot of bento lunch photos sitting on my laptop at the moment, so today I’m going to share a whole week of healthy bento lunch ideas for kids.  When I was picking out the bento lunches that I wanted to share, I tried to find a common theme, so today’s lunches are all full of fun eyes! I also picked out lunches that were packed in 5 different bento boxes, as a way to show that whatever bento box you have, you can always make a fun lunch! These are all quick and easy lunch ideas that took just … Continue reading

Tiger Themed Bento Box

Tiger themed fun kids bento box idea from Eats Amazing UK

Today I’m sharing a fun tiger themed bento box that I made for Small Child recently when he had a jungle themed dressing up day at school.  At first I was utterly stumped for a costume idea, but then we remembered that he has a tiger onesie so that made the dressing up part very easy indeed! Of course I had to come up with some tiger themed food for his lunch to match, and I was really pleased with how it all came out! In this lunch Small Child had a tiger shaped sandwich on brown bread, filled with … Continue reading

10 Fun Sheep Themed Foods for Kids

10 Fun Sheep Themed Foods for Kids - Perfect for Chinese New Year and Easter Too - Eats Amazing UK

In honour of the first day of the year of the sheep, I’ve been on a search for fun sheep themed foods for kids.  It turns out that there is an abundance of ideas out there for sheep themed food, in the form of sheep cakes, sheep party food, sheep snacks and of course sheep themed bento lunches, and I’ve picked out my ten favourites from around the web to share with you today! 1. Lamb shaped hard boiled egg from Eats Amazing – you can see the cute and healthy sheep bento lunch that this egg was made for here. This egg was moulded … Continue reading

Easy Sheep Sandwich & Bento Lunch

Fun Kids Food - Sheep sandwich and themed bento lunch from Eats Amazing UK

Today marks the start of the Chinese New Year, and with 2015 being the year of the sheep (or goat, depending on which website you read!) I thought that today would be a good day to share an easy sheep sandwich and a sheep themed bento lunch that I made for Small Child recently. The sheep sandwich would be a fun one to make at Easter too, and would also be a good one if you’re looking for cute animal themed party food! This sandwich was really easy to put together, with the help of my nesting circle cutters, a mini circle cutter and tiny … Continue reading

Easy & Healthy Breakfast Snack Pots

Quick and Easy healthy breakfast snack pots - some great healthy breakfast ideas for kids here!

Today I’m sharing a really simple kids breakfast idea that could revolutionise your stressful school morning rush – easy and healthy breakfast snack pots! I was inspired to make these after hearing a blogging friend (Wendy from Daisies & Pie) mention that she had been making up little pots of fruit salad for her children for breakfast, and I thought it sounded such a brilliant idea! I took it a step further and raided the cupboards to see what else I could find to answer the endless question of what to eat for breakfast. The great thing about these breakfast snack pots is that you can make … Continue reading

Bee Mine Valentines Bento Box

Cute Kids Bento Box Idea for Valentines Day - plus full instructions to make the bee sandwich from Eats Amazing UK

Happy Valentines Day to you all, I hope your day is filled with love and happiness! Today I’m going to share my last Valentines bento box for this year – the packed lunch which I made for Small Child yesterday.  I was brainstorming some new sandwich ideas (watch out for some fun ideas coming soon!), and came up with the idea for the simple bee sandwich that I used in this lunch, which I thought fitted in perfectly with the Valentines theme. I’ll start with the instructions for making the bee sandwich – it’s really easy! First cut out three large circles from bread using a cookie cutter.  One … Continue reading

Pancake Muffins for Lunch & #FunFoodFriday

Fun Kids Bento Lunch for Pancake Day - Healthy Pancake Muffins School Lunch from Eats Amazing UK

Following on from yesterday’s healthy pancake muffins recipe, today I’m sharing a bento lunch that I packed for Small Child recently using the pancake muffins.  I think it would make a really fun packed lunch idea for pancake day, which is why I’m sharing it today, as pancake day is fast looming – it’s next Tuesday. The lunch itself is quite simple, including some hearts as a nod to tomorrow’s Valentines day too, but I thought the idea of pancake muffins for lunch was a fun one! Today is also #FunFoodFriday, so as usual, this post contains my Friday linky.  If you’ve written any foodie posts, whether it be children’s meals, creative cakes, … Continue reading

Healthy Pancake Muffins Recipe

Healthy Pancake Muffins Recipe - A fun breakfast idea for kids from Eats Amazing UK

Today I am sharing a delicious and healthy pancake muffins recipe.  Originally I had planned to share a healthy and dairy free pancake recipe with you today, however once I got the frying pan going to make the pancakes, I remembered that I am really, really bad at making pancakes (seriously, how do people get those beautiful, perfectly round pancakes?! Mine are always, without fail big fat uneven splats!) so I had a last minute change of plan and made these lovely pancake muffins instead. One bonus of making pancakes this way, apart from them looking ever so slightly prettier (unless you happen to know the mysterious secret to perfect … Continue reading